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ONLY * 1 * DAY LEFT !!!

Before the Wednesday, November 19th Petition Drive Deadline with the City/Town Clerks


*** Promise ALERT! ***
Tuesday, November 18, 1997

We have ONLY *ONE* DAY LEFT to get petitions to the appropriate city and town clerks for certification before the drop-dead deadline!

Tomorrow -- Wednesday -- by 5:00 PM -- ALL PETITIONS MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF THE CITY AND TOWN CLERKS or they are worthless.

Yesterday at the Newton Marriott Hotel CLT&G staffers and volunteers sorted and packaged the hundreds of petitions in our possession that we will deliver all across the state today. Some volunteer drivers picked up their packages, or packages they will relay to more distant drivers, and will begin their routes early this morning. The remainder of packages will be picked up this morning at the Marriott and the drivers will hit the road on their various routes.

Our thanks to those who stopped by to help in the sorting party, and those who came by with their last minute petition drop-offs. All those petitions should be in the hands of the appropriate clerks by 5:00 this evening -- a day ahead of the deadline.

Our next critical focus will be a final weekend push for signatures in the City of Boston (*ONLY!*) this coming Saturday and Sunday -- where we have five additional days before the Boston deadline (next Monday) for turning in petitions with the City of Boston registrar of voters at Boston City Hall.

*We STILL need every single signature we can collect to insure success!*

If you are available to petition this coming weekend in one of the many Boston neighborhoods, please call Chip Faulkner in the Boston office at (617) 248-0022 and he will provide you with a choice location at one of the supermarkets or post offices in Boston or one of its suburb "neighborhoods" where we've had success in the past.

He will also be available Sunday afternoon at the sidewalk entranceway of our 18 Tremont Street office to make dropping off your City of Boston petitions for certification as hassle-free as possible -- with "curbside-service"! (Chip will bring them over to Boston City Hall on Monday, before the 5:00 PM deadline.)

Thanks much, but don't quit yet -- we've still got Boston to go!

Chip Ford --

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