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ONLY * 5 * DAYS LEFT !!!

Before the Wednesday, November 19th Petition Drive Deadline with the City/Town Clerks


*** Promise Update ***
Friday, November 14, 1997

Greetings activists;

Only FIVE DAYS remain to make sure we get enough signatures to keep the promise and put our income tax rollback on the '98 ballot.

Only five days before the 5:00 PM deadline on Wednesday to get those signatures to the appropriate city and town clerks across the state.

Right now (7:30 AM) it's raining, but it's supposed to turn to sleet and snow later today. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be not as bad as was predicted yesterday -- this weekend's nor'easter apparently has snuck in a day ahead of schedule!

Whatever you can do to get those final signatures, that may well put us over the top, over this upcoming last weekend of the drive will be greatly appreciated. It is the last chance all of us will have to insure a successful drive that started over two months ago, when the leaves were still very green.

Thanks to all the volunteers -- like senior citizens Betty Perkins of Danvers and her friend Loretta, who stopped by my Peabody apartment (and "command center" -- aka "the bunker") to pick up more petition blanks for the weekend, and dropped off some 500 North Shore signatures for us to deliver -- who are still clawing for those last few critical signatures.

Today, we'll be sorting and mailing out all petitions going out to clerks in towns west of Worcester County that don't warrant us sending a driver. If you want to reach me today, call: (617) 248-0022.

On Monday morning, Barbara, Loretta Hayden, John Madfis, and John Kenney will begin sorting the remaining hundreds of petitions into city and town packages at the Newton Marriott Hotel. I'll be manning the phones here in Peabody, and Chip Faulkner will be manning the phones in the Boston office, until around 5:00 PM; then we'll join the Marriott sorting party until the job's done sometime in the evening.

If you have *ANY* petitions you can't deliver that need to get to a city or town clerk before the Wednesday deadline, GET THEM TO THE NEWTON MARRIOTT ON MONDAY and we will send them out with our drivers.

The Newton Marriott Hotel is on Rte. 30, Exit 24 off Rte. 128 very near the Mass. Pike junction.

If you have petitions that you can't get to the appropriate city or town clerk, and *absolutely* can't get them to the Marriott Hotel either, call me RIGHT NOW at either (617) 248-0022 or (508) 538-3900, and we will *try* to arrange to have them relayed from you by another volunteer and brought in to

Some of our volunteer drivers will be leaving with their petition delivery route packages when we're done sorting on Monday evening; that delivery option will have closed. The rest of our drivers will pick up their route packages early Tuesday morning and hit the road; all delivery options will then be closed.

We can still use a couple of good people at the hotel as back-up drivers on Tuesday. Call if you can be available.

Thanks much, folks . . . and we all hope you'll put the remaining few days to good use -- like Betty Perkins and her friend Loretta -- getting those critical last few signatures and getting them to the city and town clerks by the 5:00 PM Wednesday deadline.

Chip Ford --

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