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*** Promise Update ***
Thursday, November 6, 1997

Greetings activists!

Things are extremely hectic around here today, so this update's going to be short and sweet!

My computer broadcast-fax program was humming *all night long* (11:00 PM last night until 6:00 this morning) getting out the news release announcing our upcoming "Super Saturday" [that I sent you yesterday]. It's now with every daily newspaper, news/talk radio and TV station in Massachusetts -- but with one big additional announcement we've added to it:

"Gov. Cellucci today helps kick-off 'Super Saturday' for CLT&G tax rollback petition drive"

Late yesterday, Governor Paul Cellucci's office called and confirmed that this afternoon at 2:30 he will help us kick-off "Super Saturday" weekend by holding a photo-op ceremony in his State House office, where he will sign a Town of Hudson tax rollback petition.

He was hoping to join us on the hustings this weekend, but has an already-scheduled trade mission to Canada he must catch up with as soon as the final vote is taken by the Legislature later today on the death penalty.

State Treasurer Joe Malone will help us collect signatures Saturday at the Burlington Mall, and WRKO's Howie Carr will join our team at the Natick Mall on Saturday.

Make sure to read Jeff Jacoby's column today in the Boston Globe: "Supreme Court decision a victory for the voters":


"If the people of Massachusetts want a tax cut, they'll have to get it themselves. When state legislators hiked the income tax rate from 5 percent to 5.75 percent in 1989 -- as an emergency measure to deal with the Dukakis fiscal meltdown -- they vowed it would revert to the lower rate in 18 months. The 18-month mark came and went; the tax rate never reverted. (Indeed, it stands now at 5.95 percent.) Today, Dukakis and his meltdown are gone and the treasury is overflowing, yet the Legislature refuses to roll back the tax. So what choice do taxpayers have? They can sign the CLT&G petition and have at least a shot at a tax cut, or they can turn their backs on the signature gatherers and be guaranteed high rates forever."

Only thirteen (13) days remain to get those critical signatures . . . *and counting down fast!*

Please join us on "Super Saturday" and help make sure we're able to keep the promise and rollback the "temporary" tax. This is your chance to make a difference!


Chip Ford --

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