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*** Promise Update ***
Friday, October 24, 1997

Greetings activists, and especially you weekend tax-cut warriors!

After this upcoming weekend, we’ll have only three weekends left in which to get those still very much needed signatures, and then all the "I really meant to help" intentions and the "I could have done a little more" recriminations will be meaningless and empty. Either we’ll have enough signatures to move our tax cut question toward the ballot . . . or we won’t and will keep paying and paying.

Though it’s quickly running out, there’s still time to pull off this signature drive! All it takes is for you (not "the other guy"!) to get out there and ask for the signatures. That last one you collect just might be the one that puts us over the top!

And the weather’s not going to get any better as we move into November next weekend!

WCVB TV-5 will be airing an editorial on the tax cut ballot questions, supporting a cut in the so-called "unearned income" and wondering if the state can really afford to keep its promise to roll back the income tax. It will run on Sunday at 12:25 (after noon) PM and again at 6:25 PM. Barbara will be taping a response to be broadcast soon. (I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled to air.)

Also on WCVB TV-5 Sunday, its weekly public affairs program "5 on 5", will air a segment debating our proposal to keep the promise and roll back the income tax rate. Prediction: Avi Nelson (and either Jeff Jacoby or Paul Sullivan) will stand tall with us; Hubie Jones will favor breaking any promise that will pour more money into all those "unmet (never met) needs". "5 on 5" airs at 11:30 Sunday mornings.

Boston Herald financial reporter Bernard Wolfson reports in today’s Herald on the latest Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation report ("Report: Mass taxes high"):

Massachusetts is still Taxachusetts—at least for personal and business levies.

That’s the verdict in a report released yesterday by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, a nonprofit research group. . .

"Massachusetts’ relative tax burden has on balance shown modest improvement in recent years," said foundation President Michael Widmer. "Nevertheless, both our personal and corporate income taxes remain among the highest.

Per capita individual income taxes were the third-highest in the nation and nearly double the national average. Relative to the state’s personal income, individual taxes ranked fourth, the foundation said.
Corporate taxes ranked sixth on a per capita basis and seventh as a proportion of personal income. . .

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