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ONLY * 28 * DAYS LEFT !!!
Before the Wednesday, November 19th Petition Drive Deadline with the City/Town Clerks

*** Promise Update ***
Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Greetings friends!
Promise "Panic Postcards" went to the printer yesterday, announcing that we’re still far short of signatures. If you’re a member, you should be getting yours in the mail early in the first week of November.

The postcard also announces the Promise "Super Saturday" coming up on November 8th. We’re asking everyone to make an *extra* effort -- *on top of what you’re now doing,* and please, please keep getting those signatures in the meantime— to get out to your local post office, supermarket, town dump, or bank and fill a petition sheet or two, or three!

We will do a statewide press release (to over 400 media outlets across the state: all daily and weekly newspapers, radio and TV stations) announcing "Super Saturday". What we don’t want, after all the publicity, is a camera crew to show up at an empty supermarket or post office!

That weekend, the 8th and 9th, also will be our final big push in malls across the state.

When that weekend is over, behind us, we’ll have only nine ( 9 ) days left before the drop-dead deadline with the city and town clerks (Wednesday, November 19th not later than 5:00 PM).
Time is so quickly running out. . .

And, as you can see from yesterday’s debate in the state Senate (which follows), if we don’t pull this off ourselves, The Promise will *never* be kept—they can’t even find where the governor’s tax rollback bill has been buried!

Keep hustling out there; every day that goes by is lost— and we the people, and 28 days, is all we’ve got left!

Chip Ford—

SENATE . . . SHNS . . . OCT. 21, 1997 . . . The Senate convened at 1:10 pm with Senate President Thomas Birmingham of Chelsea presiding.
[ . . . ]

Sen. Lees rose and said he had offered an order and asked the clerk to read it. The clerk then read the order, which said that the governor’s personal income tax bill should be considered on Oct. 28, notwithstanding the Taxation Committee’s decision to put the bill in a study.

Sen. Lees said this is an order like those we have offered in the past. All I’m saying is the Taxation Committee should release this matter to the floor so we can have a debate on lowering the income tax.

Sen. Birmingham said the order itself is out of order. The matter is currently in the House Rules committee and the Senate does not have jurisdiction over the matter.

Sen. Lees said if this has been sent to a study order, is that why it’s under the purview of the House clerk, not the Taxation Committee?

Sen. Birmingham said the clerk’s understanding is the papers in question are within the custody and control of the House. We do not have access to them.

Sen. Lees said if these are under the purview of the House, and I question whether they’re under the Clerk or the Taxation Committee, would this then have to be an order directed to House members, or would the House not be able to do that either since it’s a joint committee?

Sen. Birmingham said once again, the papers are within the domain of House Rules, and I do not care to speculate what actions the House would take on the order.

Sen. Lees said since it was a Senate bill we could call the bill up?

Sen. Birmingham said the Senate has jurisdiction over all papers within its control and if such papers were filed, they would be within the control of the Senate.

[ -- End of Tax Debate -- ]

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