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Monday, May 9, 2002

Blumer's proposed commission illegitimate;
lacks credibility without CLT

For Immediate Release
Monday, May 9, 2002
Contact: Chip Faulkner - (508) 384-0100

Homeowners and property taxpayers across the Commonwealth are relieved that state Rep. Deborah Blumer (D-Framingham) withdrew her proposed amendment to gut Proposition 2. A return to the horrific growth of unrestrained property taxes of the '70s has been fended off, at least for now.

But her substitute proposal calling for a "blue ribbon commission" to study Prop. 2 to achieve any credibility or legitimacy whatsoever fails embarrassingly: it does not include the sponsors of Proposition 2, Citizens for Limited Taxation.

Rep. Blumer's proposed commission would be made up of representatives from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, the Massachusetts Municipal Association, the School Committees Association and the two chairmen of the Legislature's Taxation Committee.

"How can a commission comprised of municipal spending interests and the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation be considered anything but a rubber-stamp for diluting Prop. 2 and increasing the burden on already-overwhelmed homeowners?" asked Chip Faulkner, associate director of CLT.

Rep. Blumer's proposal should be rejected, but if it is to be given any credibility or legitimacy, the very least she can do is provide CLT and its ally throughout the Prop. 2 campaign, the Massachusetts High Tech Council, a seat at her table.


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