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CLT News Release
Monday, January 18, 2021

Open Letter on TCI


For Immediate Release
Contact: Chip Ford, Executive Director

Citizens for Limited Taxation joins with multi-state coalition of Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) opponents in calling for the rejection of TCI.  Adoption by Governor Baker would impose a cruel economic hardship on motorists, businesses, and consumers on top of the economic crisis created by pandemic lockdowns.

The TCI opposition coalition today has issued a release detailing its opposition.

TCI is an already failed concept.  Of the dozen New England and Mid-Atlantic states and Washington, D.C. which initially considered this regional tax on gas and diesel fuels for over a year, only three small New England states (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) and Washington, D.C. ultimately signed on to the final Memo of Understanding. 

At that time, a State House News Service report reminded us: 

"A year ago, [Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs] Theoharides said the TCI coalition had not examined how many states it would take to make a regional pact work, but said that a 'critical mass' of participation from the original 12 states and the District of Columbia would be necessary to make TCI successful. 

"On Monday, she said having Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Washington, D.C., onboard represented enough of a critical mass and that the TCI program 'can absolutely be effective with three states and the District of Columbia.'" 

CLT executive director Chip Ford said, "Three small New England states out of a dozen does not reach any sort of 'critical mass' no matter how much you stretch and contort the definition." 

The imposition of any tax, by any name or disguise, to be legitimate needs to be adopted only by a vote of the elected representatives of the people, not unilaterally imposed by the fiat of one person. 

Ford added, "One-person rule is defined as a monarchy at best and even under such, just because a monarch can doesn't mean a monarch should."

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