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CLT News Release
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

CLT opposes TCI

December 17, 2019
Contact:  Chip Ford, Executive Director


Citizens for Limited Taxation endorses and is a participant in the coalition of businesses and other citizens' and taxpayers' organizations in states that would be effected by the proposed multi-state compact to impose a so-called Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).  A multi-state assault demands a multi-state response.


Our multi-state opposition to this scheme is detailed in our joint TCI Open Letter, a copy of which can be found here.


Beyond the specific points made in our opposition document, Citizens for Limited Taxation reminds Bay State policymakers that Massachusetts has a spending problem, not a shortage of revenue, when addressing its transportation situation.  Massachusetts has the funds to do much more before looking to hike taxes, if spent more wisely.


According to the most recent report on state highway spending (24th Annual Highway Report, August, 2019), Massachusetts total spending per lane-mile was 304% greater than national average:


Capital and Bridges Disbursements per State-Controlled Lane-Mile



New Hampshire


National Average


Maintenance Disbursements per State-Controlled Lane-Mile



New Hampshire


National Average


Administrative Disbursements per State-Controlled Lane-Mile



New Hampshire


National Average


Total Disbursements (including bond principal and interest, etc.)
per State-Controlled Lane Mile



New Hampshire


National Average


Source:  Reason Foundation, August 22, 2019, "24th Annual Highway Report"


Chip Ford, Executive Director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, said:  "Before looking to extract even more from motorists, first the governor and state legislators need to bring the state's exorbitant, excessive highway spending costs more in line with other states, with the national average.  Before looking to further increase the financial burden on its citizens, Beacon Hill policymakers first need to convincingly lower Massachusetts' ranking as the nation's 48th most profligate state in spending on highway infrastructure."


Perhaps most importantly, Bay State policymakers should have learned from the 2014 Question 1 ballot question — repeal of the unaccountable "automatic gas tax hikes" which passed by a vote of 53%-47% — that if any tax is to be raised it should be done only by a public vote of those elected to represent their constituents, and to whom they are accountable.


"Covert tax hikes by whatever inscrutable scheme have been rejected by the citizens," added Chip Ford.  "'TCI' is no different."

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