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CLT News Release
Friday, May 24, 2019

Taxpayer advocate Francis J. "Chip" Faulkner dies at 73

Citizens for Limited Taxation announces with deep sadness the passing of Francis J. "Chip" Faulkner on May 24, 2019.  Chip was 73 and had been battling pancreatic cancer for the past year.


Chip Faulkner, along with Barbara Anderson, was hired by Citizens for Limited Taxation in 1979 in preparation for CLT's Proposition 2½ signature drive and ballot campaign.  Chip became CLT's associate director, and more recently its communications director.  He also ran CLT's 2½ PAC for decades, and for a dozen years hosted the center-right coalition's monthly Friday Morning Group meetings.


Before joining CLT he taught high school and junior high school in New York City for nine years.  Chip Faulkner held a master’s degree from St. John’s University, received his bachelor of arts degree from the College of the Holy Cross.


Chip Faulkner was a relentless advocate for taxpayers across Massachusetts.  He organized and coordinated over a dozen successful volunteer statewide petition drives, and was himself one of the state's most prolific signature gatherers for those and many other petition drives. Some of his accomplishments include the Proposition 2½ petition drive and campaign for property tax relief, repeal of the state income tax surtax, defeat of the 1994 graduated income tax ballot question, and the 2000 rollback of the “temporary” state income tax increase ballot question.


Chip Faulkner was a respected and outspoken taxpayers' advocate with a sharp sense of humor.  He was CLT's spokesman before legislative committees, was regularly interviewed by the media, and frequently was a guest speaker for political events around the state.  He represented CLT's position in countless forums and debates; he recalled his most enjoyable debate as the one in 2017 against MSNBC's Chris Matthews at their 50th Holy Cross college reunion, where he reminded Matthews that back then both had belonged to the college's Conservative Club.


Chip Faulkner took leave early last year from his fulltime CLT activities to focus on confronting his diagnosis, a campaign he lost this morning.


Chip Faulkner leaves behind his brother and sister-in-law, Donald and Linda Faulkner of Rochester, Mass.


Services (details to be announced at a later date) will be held at the R. J. Ross Funeral Home in Wrentham, Mass.



Francis J. "Chip" Faulkner
Nov. 13, 1945 - May 24, 2019


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