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CLT News Release
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

No to the “Fair Share Amendment”

To:  Members of the Joint Committee on Revenue

April 10, 2019

RE:  S.16 / H86 — “The Fair Share Amendment”

Contact:  Chip Ford, Executive Director


We recognize, with the number of co-sponsors of S.16 and H.86, the so-called "Fair Share Amendment," and the thirst on Beacon Hill for ever more revenue, that opposition at this stage is likely futile.  Nonetheless Citizens for Limited Taxation again goes on the record in opposition to another attempt at a constitutionally graduated income tax.


We can't conceive of how anything can possibly be more fair than every taxpayer paying an equal tax rate on whatever their income.  The higher one's income the more in taxes one pays. How can imposing a different tax rate on some and not on others by any stretch be termed "fair"?  It is the antithesis of fair.


Please recognize that assaulting "the wealthy" — the most mobile population — will only serve to motivate many of the commonwealth's higher earners and businesses to relocate to more tax-friendly, greener pastures.  Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo belatedly recognized this.  In announcing his state's “unexpected” $2.3 billion revenue shortfall in February, he warned:  "'I don’t believe in raising taxes on the rich. That would be the worst thing to do. You would just expand the shortfall.  God forbid if the rich leave.'"


Yes indeed.


It is something you should consider carefully before rubber-stamping this proposal with your vote.  When wealthier Bay State taxpayers flee, who will pick up and pay their "fair share" burden, their taxes which now already provide a disproportionate amount of state revenue, and state spending?


We think we know the answer to that rhetorical question.  CLT hopes the Legislature and especially taxpayers don't need to learn it the painful way.


We also recognize that the battle to prevent this proposed amendment to our state constitution will more than likely go to the ballot box once again.  That's where voters have defeated various past graduated income tax schemes all five times — in 1962, 1968, 1972, 1976, and 1994.


We hope it won’t be necessary to do it for the sixth time.


Taxpayers of all incomes are counting on you to take this under thoughtful consideration before voting.

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