Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No to arrogant pay grab

Contact: Chip Faulkner, communications director ― 508-915-3665

Just two months after election "The Best Legislature Money Can Buy" got too cute with this latest pay grab proposal. They're piling this latest taxpayer-abusive pay raise alongside a different stack of cash ― their base salary ― above and beyond the only constitutionally-mandated automatic “salary adjustment” in the history of the world.

Since their 1998 constitutional amendment won't permit them to vote for a hike in their base salary, in exchange for that automatic “adjustment,” they've now schemed to circumvent that prohibition and insult the voters who foolishly believed them that they’d never again vote for their own pay raises.

Chip Ford, executive director of CLT, noted: “After five months of taxpayer-funded paid vacation, on its return self-enrichment is the Legislature's first priority without even a public hearing. This tells constituents of each legislator all they need to know.”

Their 4.1 percent raise last month made them the sixth-highest paid state legislators in the nation, but that wasn't enough. Now they're shooting for Number One and this shameless haul would put them close if not there.

If only they could get this creative with solving real problems, could accomplish meaningful legislation this whiplash rapidly, they might be worth more pay without evoking the wrath of their constituents.

If this arrogant pay grab is adopted, CLT promises this affront will be forefront on the voters' minds when their representative and senator stand for re-election ― and we keep our promises.

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