Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More Protection for Illegal Aliens = Less for the Public


Citizens for Limited Taxation strongly opposes H.1228, “An Act to restore community trust in Massachusetts law enforcement.”  It will not restore community trust.  This bill does the exact opposite by imposing restrictions on law enforcement agencies that would lead to community distrust.  H.1228 would not allow police officers to properly perform their duties — something which should concern any law-abiding citizen.

Incredibly, there are obstacles in this bill which prevent federal, state and local law enforcement agencies from communicating and assisting each other more effectively.  There seems to be more protection for illegal aliens than is warranted in this legislation — much to the danger of the public.  Illegal aliens who commit crimes should be deported, not released by our own police and sheriff’s departments.

Massachusetts taxpayers are currently paying over $2 billion in benefits for illegal aliens living in the Bay State. This legislation would further energize the state’s electro-magnetic attraction of illegals. As the largest taxpayers’ group in Massachusetts, CLT is particularly concerned that this bill will drive up costs even more.

Taxpayers who pay ALL the state’s bills vote NO on H.1228.

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