Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CLT Opposes Tax Revenue Used To Support Illegal Aliens


Citizens for Limited Taxation would limit the use of tax dollars to cover services for legal inhabitants of Massachusetts, not illegal aliens.


Like most Americans, we are sorry that millions of people who live in other, less advantaged countries need to escape the troubles, the economics, and the dangers of living in those countries. We are glad our own immigrant families came here legally when the United States had a viable immigration policy. We are indeed a nation of immigrants — who entered the United States legally according to the nation’s law.

But everyone can’t come here. Only those who follow our immigration laws should be allowed to enter, and permitted to stay. Certainly Massachusetts taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for services and welfare benefits for the illegal immigrants, creating a magnet state where costs to taxpayers will only rise. And obviously people who came here illegally cannot be given sanctuary from the consequences of breaking our other laws.

CLT supports cutting state funding for services in those communities that have declared themselves “sanctuary cities,” and is opposed to the so-called “trust” legislation that was the subject of today’s State House rally.

One of the sponsors spoke about his own experience visiting the San Diego border. CLT’s Communications Director Chip Faulkner has visited the U.S – Mexican border three times, in Arizona, Texas and San Diego. He will share his firsthand experiences during CLT’s opposition to this bill. In the meantime, you can find more of his border experiences at the following links:


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