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Welfare Reform:  Just DO it


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


To:  Members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Subject:  Welfare Reform:  Just DO it


A recent report by the Cato Institute pointed out that Massachusetts has the third-most generous state welfare benefits in the nation (Total Value of Welfare Benefits:  $42,515), behind only Hawaii and the District of Columbia and second-lowest percentage of work participation (18%), above only Missouri.  Hopefully this bill, while not perfect, will be the first step in getting this runaway system under control.


Over the past several months, the House has rejected measures such as requiring Social Security numbers for public housing, having the Auditor do a complete audit of the DTA, requiring citizenship for in-state tuition, etc.  These and similar amendments have been overwhelmingly rejected by the House.  This callous disregard for the people paying the bills in this state has been infuriating, particularly in light of the highly publicized scandals in the EBT program.


CLT especially likes any and all provisions in H. 3737 which finally crack down on fraud and institute penalties for abuse.  For years taxpayers have been burdened with tax increases while at the same time all the abuse and fraud in the massive welfare system existing in this state was ignored.


It’s time for the House to adopt reform by voting for H. 3737, including those amendments that will make it even stronger.


Chip Faulkner

Associate Director



From Barbara Anderson

CLT Remembers Welfare Reform


As Bill Weld became governor, two things happened: the Commonwealth had to live with his no new taxes pledge, so reform replaced throwing good money after bad; and there was public outrage over the existing welfare system, which not only wasted money but seemed to encourage more people to be on welfare, and enabled child abuse.


Governor Weld teamed up with Democrats and together they reformed the welfare system.  This led to national welfare reform when President Clinton worked with Congressional Republicans.  For over a decade, welfare seemed to be working more as it was intended, as a safety net for those who really needed temporary assistance.


Then recently, we learned about EBT fraud and abuse.  We are grateful to those legislators who have kept this issue alive for reform, and hope they will prevail with the new bill addressing it.  We support the stronger reforms that have been filed as amendments by Rep. O’Connell and others.  Best wishes.


Barbara Anderson



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