Memo to the Legislature

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Tax Hike Circus Comes to Town

Taking the lead from President Barack Obama, our governor is running his own permanent political campaign, a dog-and-pony show lining up interests who thrive off government spending entirely funded by taxpayers.

He has spent weeks now campaigning among his constituency: Those who live off and benefit most from the largess of Massachusetts taxpayers. His efforts are intended to encourage them to rally for more from productive taxpayers to support their self-interests.

Meanwhile, we productive taxpayers who pay already too much of what we earn to support their comforts are too engaged in working and surviving to attend rallies, public circuses for the entertainment of those at the State House – even in defense of our own survival interests.

With all the multi-million dollar scandals that have been exposed on his watch – (e.g., EBT card abusess, welfare abuse and its associated health care costs, dysfunctional state drug labs supervision, etc.) – it’s not surprising that Deval Patrick is desperately seeking to extract more “revenue” to cover these and other unanticipated costs.

These are not our problems. Those problems are directly due to this profligate administration, the majority in the Legislature, and those who voted to put them in power.

Massachusetts taxpayers already are among the highest taxed and most abused; the fourth-highest tax per capita in the nation. A lack of “revenue” isn’t a problem in this commonwealth.

The Tax Foundation
State and Local Tax Burden Per Capita, Fiscal Year 2009:
State:  Massachusetts

Tax Burden Per Capita:  $5,316
Ranking among states:  4th highest

It’s not a lack of “revenue” here, but rather how it’s spent – squandered.

In Massachusetts, More Is Never Enough (MINE) and obviously never will be. Taxes only go up here, often with a promise that the hikes will be only “temporary.” They are never temporary; they become the new baseline.

Ask the voters who, in 2000, mandated that the “temporary” income tax of 1989 be rolled back to its historic 5 percent. Thirteen years after that overwhelming vote for a rollback, twenty-four years after the promise of “temporary,” the Takers are back for yet more.

We say taxpayers have had enough:  “Not one cent more!”

The election of 2014 is but twenty months from now; Taxpayers will remember any tax hike, as the money will still be missing from their wallets. Considering both the state and national fiscal problems, they will be needing it and likely will remember who took it away.