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Memo to the Legislature:
The Ten Top Reasons not to support Governor Patrick’s Tax Package

Thursday, January 24, 2013

To:  Members of the General Court

10.  Since the Governor chortles to the media that he’s using the increased exemptions in order to “push more burden on higher-income taxpayers”, cleverly getting past our state’s prohibition on a graduated income tax, he is setting up another ruling from the SJC that a back-door grad tax isn’t allowed. Your tough vote for the biggest tax increase in history could be nullified by the Court.

9.  Taxing “higher-income taxpayers” isn’t working in California, where millionaires are escaping that bad attitude toward job creators. Massachusetts has lost productive citizens too (and a Congressional seat); can lose more to states that have lower tax burdens yet a viable transportation system. Even California has a viable transportation system, using regional voter-approved taxes and elected managers.

8.  On the other hand: removing those deductions is an assault on the middle-class. Have you read them?! Seriously.

7.  Our state and local per capita tax burden is 4th highest in the nation. With this income tax increase, our state income tax alone could reach the highest in the nation relative to median income. How much higher do you plan to go? When the federal government finally faces its extraordinary debt, and cuts spending for the states, what taxes will you raise to cover the losses?

6.  The same governor who talked you into increasing the regressive sales tax in 2009 now wants to lower it, to get a higher income tax rate. He could be back to increase the sales tax next year again. Why not? He’s not running for re-election…

5.  When voters said in 2000 that they wanted the income tax rate dropped to 5%, they did not mean “hike the rate to 6.25% or 5.95% either”. Maybe they re-elected the legislators who voted to “temporarily” freeze their ballot mandate in 2002, but in 1990 when the rate increased to 6.25%, Republicans replaced 14 legislative Democrats.

4.  If in order to keep us all healthy, you remove the sales tax exemption for candy and soda, will you exempt dark chocolate with its healthy flavonoids from the removal? Gingerale when we drink it for an upset tummy? Will you make us eat broccoli? Will it have to be organic? Will you make us exercise? How much longer will smokers subsidize state spending before they die?

3.  Despite being promised new trains in return for new taxes, voters in southeast and western Massachusetts will be more likely to ride a train to Hogwarts than to Boston.

2.  If you regularly increase the gas tax and Registry fees for inflation, that may be hard to explain when federal policies cause double-digit inflation as they did during the Carter Administration.

1.  If you pass the largest tax increase in Massachusetts history “for transportation needs” and “for the children”, voters may actually expect you to improve transportation and education, instead of spending more on EBT cards for drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and breathtaking Patrick Administration mismanagement. Soon he’ll be gone, you’ll be held accountable for how the new taxes are spent. Let’s tell him “management reforms first,” then we’ll all talk taxes.

Citizens for Limited Taxation    PO Box 1147    Marblehead, MA 01945    508-915-3665