Wednesday, January 16. 2013

Governor’s State-of-the-State Address

Nice to hear the governor inform us that we’ve had “$11 billion in savings”

Where is it?

Our tax burden is still 4th highest per capita in the nation, so we taxpayers haven’t seen it.

Nice to see his proposed sales tax cut: Those who’ve avoided the sales tax altogether using the Internet or driving north over the border will now need to find a way to avoid the income tax increase. Drive to New Hampshire and stay there? Put more money into our tax-free retirement accounts? Lose our jobs as economy gets hit with higher income taxes?

Didn’t the voters order the income tax rate rolled back to 5% in 2000? Don’t think that means they want the rate to be 6.25 percent.

So no thanks, governor: don’t want to “invest” more in a corrupt, wasteful, unaccountable, mismanaged commonwealth. Fix it first.


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