Memo to the House of Representatives
House Budget Debate; Revenues and Respect

Monday, April 23, 2012

To:  Members of the Massachusetts House
       April 23, 2012
Re:  House Budget Debate; Revenues and Respect

Citizens for Limited Taxation, noting that our traditional opponents (generally described as Citizens for Unlimited Taxation) are urging an increase in the income tax rate, once again expresses its support for the House Ways & Means decision not to raise taxes this year.

We recognize the wisdom in the W&M decision to do nothing that would impede a Commonwealth economic recovery. It is also important to show respect for the voters who mandated in 2000 that the income tax rate be rolled back to its traditional 5%.

CLT supports the Lombardo amendment for that rollback. We’d like to see the sales tax restored to 5% as well. A priority for us is to repeal the obscene nursing home tax, which penalizes the sick elderly who pay their own nursing home costs with a tax to pay for patients on Medicaid; we certainly support the Levy amendment not to increase this tax. We continue to support Unemployment Insurance reforms.

We also support spending-issue amendments that might help restore faith in state government. A priority is ending the abuse of EBT cards (Amendment 804). We like Rep. Winslow’s State Benefits Fraud Prevention plan, and amendments to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits. We like the amendment to stop funding the Greenway, with its extraordinary administrative salaries.

We are grateful for the bills already passed on state employee health insurance and pensions and support further reforms.


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