Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tax Filing Day and Tax Freedom Day both fall on Tuesday, April 17 this year.
In related news, Patriots Day will be celebrated by the Tea Party on
Sunday, April 15, in Worcester.


For Immediate Release


U.S. Senator Scott Brown’s new radio report notes his ongoing opposition to higher taxes as he cites the Washington-based Tax Foundation calculation that last year, we worked until April 12 to pay off our tax bill.  Only after that did we start working for ourselves.


Well, that was last year.  The Tax Foundation has just released its 2012 Tax Freedom Day® report, in which we learn that American taxpayers are working this year until April 17 to pay off our tax bill.  (In Massachusetts, because our state and local taxes are high, we work entirely for government until April 22).


The Tax Foundation says the extra four days is the result of “higher federal income and corporate tax collections” and notes that if the federal government raised enough to close the budget deficit, Tax Freedom Day would come on May 14.  It doesn’t say, though we can estimate, that if we were taxed enough to pay off the national debt, we’d have no money for ourselves at all and still be in debt.


Since that’s not a viable plan, all this spending, borrowing and future taxation becomes the problem of our grandchildren, which is one reason Tea Party activists have rallied on Patriots Day since 2009.


Citizens for Limited Taxation has been teapartying since we were founded in 1974 to fight the graduated income tax.  Our Associate Director Chip Faulkner was one of the speakers at the first Tea Party Patriot Day event on Boston Common, and represented us at the Greater Boston Tea Party there in 2010 and 2011.


Unfortunately, the Boston Common venue was grabbed by another group as the GBTP waited for its annual permit, so Faulkner and the GBTP will be joining the Worcester Tea Party and other fiscal-conservative teapartiers in Worcester at Lincoln Square between 2-4 pm on Sunday, April 15.  All taxpayers are welcome to join them there to celebrate both Patriots Day and Tax Freedom Day.


We expect to hear from opponents that “taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society” so we’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone that when Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said this in 1904, there was no federal income tax, and Tax Freedom Day back then was January 21.  The national debt – now almost $16 trillion – was $26 billion in 1904.


America badly needs the Tea Party to help restore civilization; we hope its fiscal conservatives can prevail with the fiscal issues on which most Americans can agree come November.


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