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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Once again, MTF steps on cost-savings and reforms by supporting new taxes

“Responding to a question during a speech at the North Shore Bank's annual meeting in Peabody this week, Mike Widmer of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Association [sic] said it may be time to consider applying the sales tax to items purchased on the Internet. He noted that the growth in sales-tax revenue here has declined in recent years from an average 9 percent annually to 1 percent, adding that online sales might be the culprit.”

From today’s Salem News, Nelson Benton column on editorial page.

As it has done in the past, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation has gotten in the way of House proposed reforms. In 1989, after the House cut the Dukakis budget, MTF testified that House revenues were pessimistic; MTF was wrong, but the Senate didn’t go along with the House cuts and then we had, instead, a major income tax hike. It was called “temporary,” but MTF has consistently fought restoration of the traditional 5% rate.

The next year, 1990, MTF supported the sales tax on services, bringing any attempt at spending control to a halt, again.

Now, just as the Senate receives the House budget with its hard-fought savings for municipalities in the health insurance arena, MTF offers support for Internet sales taxes.

Why is it called the Massachusetts TAXPAYERS Foundation? At least, couldn’t it wait to support higher taxes until after we win the GIC battle?

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