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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tax Freedom Day in Massachusetts two days later than U.S.

Tuesday, April 12 is national Tax Freedom Day, according to the Washington-based Tax Foundation. This is the day that Americans in general have paid all their federal, state and local taxes and can start working for themselves. In Massachusetts, it’s always later.

Thursday, April 14. Tax Freedom Day, Massachusetts.

In 2011, Massachusetts taxpayers work ‘til April 14 to pay their total tax bill, ranking the state 10th highest nationally. The Tax Freedom Days of neighboring states are: Rhode Island, April 13; Connecticut, May 2 (ranked 1st); New York, April 24; New Hampshire, April 9; and Vermont, April 10.

The Tax Foundation also compares state/local tax burdens. In 2009, the latest that hard data is available, Massachusetts' burden relative to our high personal income was slightly above the national average. However, our per capita tax burden is 4th highest in the nation, 27.7% above the national average.

So the response to Judy Meredith’s One Massachusetts and the public employee unions calling for an income tax rate hike this year to 5.95% is NO.

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