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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Union Kick-Backs

Citizens of Massachusetts, unite! You have nothing to lose but public employee unions, and who will miss them?

Beacon Hill: Please tell us that no one we elected will consider for a minute giving kick-backs to the unions in return for their “cooperation” in saving their jobs and local services.

Unions: It’s over. You’re obsolete, and now thanks to Bobby Haynes, you’re a joke. Your most visible leader got caught giving millions to a fat-cat CEO, paid for by premiums of “working people,” while pocketing another $73,000 for himself. The public gets it.

If unions continue to be part of the problem, we just have to wait until cities and towns must declare bankruptcy; then we can negate all those outrageous contracts. “Collective bargaining” won’t help them then.

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