Defending Proposition 2
Monday, April 26, 2010

Scenes from the Charlie Baker/Barbara Anderson State House News Conference
The Charley Manning Show (WRKO AM-680)

Scenes from today's furious campaign to save Proposition 2
Photos by Chip Ford

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On arriving at the State House I spotted a large hawk observing the activities from atop the head of statesman Daniel Webster. Was this some sort of symbolism, an omen?

The Daniel Webster statue on the front lawn of the State House, minus the hawk headgear.

The media begins gathering. Barbara speaking with Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh; WRKO talk show host Todd Feinberg stands among the crowd to her left.

Barbara meets with Sen. Richard Tisei and Charlie Barker in preparation for the news conference.

Sen. Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) opened the news conference then introduced Barbara.

Barbara addresses the media, explaining how the House Ways & Means Chairman, Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) is attempting to violate Proposition 2.

Barbara amuses the crowd with her usual irreverence.

After introducing him, Sen. Richard Tisei, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, addresses the media on the Proposition 2 assault being plotted behind him.

Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker tells the gathering why one-party domination is an ongoing threat to taxpayers.

The crowd of media.

Another shot of the media.

Barbara speaking with longtime reporter and Lowell Sun columnist Peter Lucas, while Todd Feinberg talks with Sens. Tarr, Tisei and others.

Another view of the media crowd surrounding Charlie Baker.

After the news conference Barbara and I rushed over to WRKO's Brighton station to be guests on The Charley Manning Show.

Word of our victory didn't come until after we'd left.

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