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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The autumn of our discontent: Revolution 2010

For Immediate Release

We helped cause the revolution of 1980, when Ronald Reagan won the presidency and Citizens for Limited Taxation won Proposition 2½. We remember the revolution of 1990, when Bill Weld won the governorship and enough legislative incumbents were defeated to keep the rest in line for his reform agenda. We are overdue for the next revolution.

We connect with our Washington allies Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and the National Taxpayers Union to try to control the national debt, and look forward to fiscal conservatives winning several Massachusetts congressional seats.

At the state level, CLT works with ATR to ask candidates for Massachusetts legislative seats to sign the Taxpayer Protection “No New Taxes” Pledge, and does an annual rating of legislative votes on taxpayer issues.

CLT has a political action committee, CLT’s 2½ PAC, which has been endorsing legislative candidates for almost thirty years. Chip Faulkner, its executive director, endorses candidates who have signed The Pledge and are running viable campaigns.

This year, because many taxpayers are “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore,” almost all campaigns are viable. While we would never advocate removing all incumbents – the PAC has endorsed four taxpayer allies who have opponents – this year it is endorsing most Pledge-signing challengers to those incumbents who have a “failed” rating with CLT, and is especially eager to defeat those who have refused to implement CLT’s hard-won 2000 income tax rate rollback to 5% and/or voted to increase the sales tax rate to 6.25% last year.

For 2010, the PAC has so far endorsed 48 challengers to House and Senate incumbents, as well as candidates for 22 open seats. The list of endorsed candidates can be found on CLT’s here. A few more will be added after the primary election.

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