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Monday, June 7, 2010

Barbara Anderson's Membership Message


Dear CLT Activist;

As part of the excitement of Revolution 2010, CLTís founder has returned to the active political scene!

Long-time members will fondly remember Edward F. King, who founded CLT in 1974 to fight the Legislatureís proposed graduated income tax. He then led a petition drive for "The King Amendment," a constitutional amendment for a state tax limit. This was the petition that Chip Faulkner and I, as volunteers, collected the most signatures on, bringing us to the attention that got us hired as staffers.

The petition didnít get through the Legislature's constitutional convention but Ed helped us get started on Prop 2Ĺ before retiring from the CLT board of directors (though he returned briefly to help fight the grad tax again in 1994).

Ed also ran for governor in 1978, at the same time as conservative Democrat Edward J. King, who defeated Dukakis in the primary. Our Ed lost the Republican primary to the establishment candidate, then a lot of us supported the other Ed King, who after he left office, became a Republican AND joined CLT! (And now more recent CLT activists know a lot of interesting stuff about us all that you didnít know before today).

Though retired from his business and major political involvement, Ed is caught up in the same excitement we are all feeling about this key 2010 election, and has become actively involved with a candidate in his congressional district, the 9th, for the seat presently occupied by Stephen Lynch.

While Steve isnít the worst of our congressmen, he voted against ObamaCare only because it didnít go far enough toward "single-payer"; this is the year to defeat as many Congressional Democrats as possible and take back the House! Chip Ford and I are actively supporting Bill Hudak in the 6th and we know many of you are involved in your own districts.

CLT itself canít endorse candidates and our PAC canít be involved in federal races. We are sending this letter only as a message from our founder and the chairman emeritus of CLT. We love you, Ed, glad youíre back for Revolution 2010!

Barbara Anderson


Edward F. King
84 Hastings Street
West Roxbury, MA 02132

June 4, 2010

Dear Friend:

When I decided to run for governor in 1978, after working very hard on the development of Proposition 2Ĺ, (having already founded Citizens for Limited Taxation), I made a commitment to quickly return to being a private citizen and a business person. In fact, the only real promise that I made during my campaign was to never run for office again! And I kept that promise.

Recently, I met with a congressional candidate in the 9th district. To be honest, he reminds me of a young me. His positions on the issues of taxes, business climate, and jobs, are in full agreement with my own philosophy. His name is Keith Lepor and, believe me, he understands that low taxes spur the economy, that less regulation improves the business climate, and that government ďmeddlingĒ destroys jobs!

As a bonus, Keith has extensive experience abroad. He has traveled, worked, and studied throughout the world. For over 20 years, he has done international consulting, and has undertaken strategic analysis, has been an embedded combat photojournalist, and most recently spent a year in Afghanistan. He worked in support of US and coalition forces.

In summary, we have the ideal candidate. A fiscal conservative who also understands the necessity for a strong foreign and defense policy.

His only perceived weakness is that he is relatively unknown in Massachusetts political circles and does not have personal wealth. If we are serious about changing the direction of national fiscal policy, we have to help him!

Keith represents the new breed of citizen activist as opposed to career politicians. You can learn more about him or make a contribution to his campaign here:

Keith Lepor for Congress
P.O. Box 8068
Boston, MA 02114

Since 1978, I have been very careful about endorsements and using my name for fundraising purposes. Keith Lepor causes me no hesitation. Please help him!

Edward F. King


Citizens for Limited Taxation    PO Box 1147    Marblehead, MA 01945    508-915-3665