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Friday, May 14, 2010

Celebrating the 100th meeting of CLT's "Friday Morning Group"

Citizen for Limited Taxation hosts a meeting of conservative activists from all around the state on the second Friday of every month. The Friday Morning Group (FMG) meets from 9:30 to 11:30 in Lexington by invitation only. We welcome individuals who are politically active in center-right organizations, on town committees, fiscally-conservative candidate campaigns, etc. The meeting is patterned after the Wednesday morning meetings hosted by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform in Washington, DC. More detail about the issues covered can be found in Grover’s book “Leave Us Alone.”

There are similar “leave us alone coalition” groups in almost every state. Massachusetts has one of the top four or five most active nationally, with an average attendance of over fifty activists.

On May 14th we celebrated the 100th meeting of the group – having scheduled a meeting every month since December 2001. There’s always a guest speaker, along with 8-10 others on the agenda. Grover himself came to help celebrate the 100th as guest speaker; he drew a record crowd of 81 attendees.

Chip Faulkner, CLT associate director hosts the meeting. If you want to learn more about the FMG, you can call Chip at 508-915-3665 or email at

Many thanks to CLT member and FMG regular, Len Mead, for providing the photos here of the meeting. We also thank Len for the large banner and Sue Blais and Howard Bibeault of the Attleboro Republican City Committee, who brought the big birthday cake and soda. Lastly we appreciate the FMG regular – who wishes to remain anonymous – who paid the May fee for rental of the auditorium.

Chip Faulkner beside the congratulatory banner supplied by long-time member Len Mead. Bill Hudak, candidate for Congress in the Sixth District, Grover Norquist and Chip Faulkner
Kamal Jain, candidate for state auditor, addresses the meeting and Chip Faulkner A view of the meeting room in Lexington - 81 attended this 100th meeting of the FMG.
Congratulatory cake by Attleboro Town Committee's Sue Blais and Howard Bibeault. The meeting focuses on a question from the audience.

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