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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A personal message from
your friends at CLT

Over the years, Scott Brown has filed legislation for Citizens for Limited Taxation on tax cuts and tax limitation. For anyone who asks you, his Citizens for Limited Taxation Legislative Ratings through his eleven years in the Massachusetts House and Senate are as follows:

By Legislative Session


Scott Brown (R-Wrentham)



Scott Brown (R-Wrentham)



Scott Brown (R-Wrentham)



Scott Brown (R-Wrentham)



Scott Brown (R-Wrentham)


2009 -

Scott Brown (R-Wrentham)


Just as a reference point: the average rating for the Senate Democrats in 2009 was 25%. Over the years, Scott Brown usually voted with CLT. Occasionally he did not, but we donít insist on perfection before stating our appreciation for support of our issues.

Barbara Anderson endorsed Scott Brown immediately after the primary as he put a bumper sticker on her car for WCVB-TV5 cameras. She has also been supporting him in her columns for The Salem News and other newspapers (which you can see here).

Here is todayís personal statement from Barbara:

For the last hours of this exciting campaign, we are all focused on the mission. I know CLT activists, along with other Teapartiers and patriots, have been doing what comes most naturally to each of them: email blasts, letters to the editor, blog and column responses, calls to talk shows, and working directly with the Brown campaign attending rallies, holding signs and making calls to voters.

My special focus has been to reach out to women who might be tempted to vote for someone just because she is a woman too. Iíve also tried to reach libertarians who are tempted to vote for third-party Joe Kennedy, possibly helping Coakley win.

I like the way Joe Kennedy presents libertarian values during debates and hope he runs for another seat when votes for him won't help elect the 60th Democrat for American Decline.

A libertarian like me, for whom liberty is the highest value, will vote for Scott Brown on Tuesday because he is our best chance to turn around the country before we lose our beloved freedom. Scott is a strong fiscal conservative, with a 100% CLT rating this past year, but he has never claimed to be a libertarian; however, "fiscal conservative" is good enough for this election, which will inspire fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and tea party activists across the country to run and take the country back. Scott winning is just the beginning of Revolution 2010.

Here is todayís personal statement from Chip Ford:

I keep hearing that one shouldn't let the perfect be the enemy of the good, yet some do nonetheless. State Senator Scott Brown has been one of the few on Beacon Hill to stand with us taxpayers and our concerns. CLT has a mission. It is simply to protect the taxpayers of Massachusetts to the best of our ability, be their voice. When the choice is between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown, there's no hesitation. My vote will be for Scott Brown, enthusiastically.

We subjects of the People's Republic of Taxachusetts have for too long been under the yoke of one-party rule, and now so too is the entire United States of America. We in the Bay State understand what invincible one-party rule means, without checks and balances. Scott Brown will help not only level the playing field in Washington but bring it back, not just for Massachusetts but for the entire country. The nation depends on this election outcome. If Coakley wins, we are doomed.

Chip Faulkner is not available to make a statement at this time; he is out somewhere holding a sign for Scott Brown. That's a statement in itself.

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