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Calling all Minutemen
Revolution 2010 is upon us!

This is it, the opening salvo of The Second American Revolution.

The Second Shot Heard 'Round the World will be fired on Tuesday. America's second war for independence begins at the polls across the state this Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

Again, patriots from around the state will take on the the most powerful government on the planet, with all its forces arrayed against us.

And -- with your help -- again we free men and women shall prevail.

This Tuesday, the revolution begins.

We hope you, your family and your neighbors will join us.

We are depending on you for freedom to prevail.

Voter turnout will be the deciding factor, between more of the powerful elites' continued oppression, or our eventual independence.

Tuesday -- make sure you vote.  And recruit as many more patriots to join the ranks.

In Tuesday's election -- every - single - vote will count.

Chip Ford

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