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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revolution 2010 -- here and now

Chip Ford's CLT Commentary

Greetings activists and supporters:

Usually there's a preamble of news reports in these Updates.

Today there is no need. We know the news. The Revolution is upon us.

Next Tuesday we patriots must vote with one voice for reform. Reform and at least a voice. Scott Brown is the best choice.

But -- we -- must -- vote.

I don't ever want to hear from someone who "didn't have the time," or was "too busy" -- or -- forgot to vote.

On Tuesday we -- and only we as citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts -- have the potential to change the entire history of the United States of America.

Only WE can fire "The Shot Heard Around The World" -- for the second time in this nation's history.

Why revolution always seems to seed itself here, be dropped on us to declare, is kind of spooky but you know what? I've always personally felt very close to Sam Adams and feel him by our side urging us on.

Get out there next Tuesday (Jan. 19th, need I tell you) and support Scott Brown.

Get out there and vote, because every vote will count -- and without enough of them, ohmygod, we'll have Martha Coakley until she drops dead of old age, passing on the Kennedy/Coakley seat.

Don't go to the polls alone. Bring a friend. Bring lots of friends. Get your Massachusetts family voters there.

Voter turn-out in this election will decide the future of the United States of America.

Scott Brown and checks-and-balance in Washington, and across the nation our form of government -- or what's left of it -- depends on you.

Depends on YOU -- us, here in the birthplace of liberty, once again.

Tell everyone: No excuses. If you're not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Revolution 2010 begins on this coming Tuesday.

We need every vote for change -- honest change from what we're being served; and from what we have been serving.

Participate -- recruit -- organize.


Now, while the nation is watching.

Now, while at long last -- we in the "bluest of states" -- NOW -- when we at long last finally . . . can make a difference.

An historical difference.

At last, since that "First Shot Heard Around The World" in 1775.

Another shot is needed.



Lock and load . . . man the barricades.

Turn out the vote, all that matters.

Chip Ford

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