The following message was received by a CLT member and passed on to us.  The state teachers union -- the Massachusetts Teachers Association -- through its union thugs apparently intends to intimidate and harass citizens who circulate petitions for signatures, a right guaranteed under our state constitution, to place a reduction of the sales tax on the 2010 ballot.

Despite spending over $5 million of union members' dues to defeat the income tax repeal on the 2008 statewide ballot, they're back to stick it to taxpayers again -- by any means available.

The Massachusetts Teachers Association -- the insatiable state teachers union -- is the Massachusetts taxpayer's greatest enemy.  Greedy teachers through their unions will never be satisfied until every cent we earn goes into their pockets.

BTW -- "A small group of individuals are threatening . . ."  A small group are?  That should be "is," not "are."

"We need your help in being able to track what’s really being circulated and where these petitions are being circulating."  "Being circulating"?

If you can read this, thank a teacher!

"Think before you ink" indeed.

From: Blum, Joanne S. <>
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 5:00 PM
Subject: HELP NEEDED - To Protect State Revenues

A Threat to Our Communities

A small group of individuals are threatening to jeopardize Massachusetts working families by seeking to qualify a number of initiative petitions. One these would reduce the sales tax which would cut state revenues by approximately $2.5 billion.  This would result in cuts in our communities to education, health care, public safety and other programs that we all depend on every day.  If you see or have seen any petitioners carrying this or other petitions in your community, please call



We need your help in being able to track what’s really being circulated and where these petitions are being circulating.  Basically, we need your help in being our eyes and ears on the ground in your community.
Petitioners usually go to grocery stores, libraries, events, and other places that YOU usually frequent. All we’re asking you to do is call the PETITION HOTLINE, if you see a petitioner anywhere in public.  Again, that number is:



If you receive a voicemail please leave a detailed message including the time, date, and location of where you encountered a petitioner.
Thank you for your support and remember to think before you ink!

KEEP the Hotline number with you – 508-556-0796.