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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ain't Dead Yet
CLT's annual brunch the largest ever

Nearly 30 years after passing Proposition 2, Barbara Anderson's Citizens for Limited Taxation has run into its own money difficulties.

The Marbleheader told the News recently that its end might be near, depriving the commonwealth of a group that has lobbied against tax increases of all kinds. Some are likely delighted to hear this they see opposition to taxes as hampering the state's ability to help people.

Yet, after several news stories and talk radio appearances by Anderson comes the possibility of a recovery.

"New people are joining," she said. "We're taking in enough to get through November."

The group's major fundraiser will be held on Nov. 15 at Lombardo's in Randolph. Anderson, who earns $10 an hour as the boss, has been forced to lay off one of her three employees.

"Everyone else is downsizing," she explains. "I do still think that next year we can turn this all around."

The Salem News
Thursday, November 12, 2009
Ain't dead yet
By Alan Burke

Chip Ford's CLT Commentary

Greetings activists and supporters:

"Reports of our demise were premature," Barbara announced in her greeting to CLT members and brunch guests, to rousing applause.

Yesterday's annual brunch was the biggest ever and a great success, with over 200 attending including many candidates engaged in Revolution 2010. It grew so large by last week that we had to arrange with Lombardo's to move us to the second floor and open the room divider to accommodate the expanding crowd.

This year's guest speaker was Todd Feinburg, a WRKO talkshow host. He entranced the audience with his analysis of government both national and state, and the politics that drives it. He encouraged us to keeping fighting, and be prepared for Revolution 2010.  Todd was well-received and many took advantage of his questions-and-answers period following his speech.

You can see photos and comments of the event on the CLT website, by clicking here.

(There were so many tables that unfortunately I didn't capture them all. In the photos I did, I noted in captions beneath those attendees I could recognize. If you're there and not noted and wish to be, feel free to contact me with the photo file name.)

Thanks to everyone who participated, and the many who couldn't make it but sent along a contribution nonetheless.  It has enabled CLT to survive through the end of the year and keep fighting for millions of taxpayers across the state.

Now if only we could all somehow reach them, get their attention, and convince them to become part of their own salvation . . .

Chip Ford

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