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Mass. state rep dodges new sales tax on liquor

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We just received this photo and report from a member.  He left the observer/photographer anonymous by request.

So which state representative drives the below Ford with Massachusetts license plate House 29?  Will he be paying the Massachusetts use tax on all that booze he bought?  I'll bet he will now . . . since being caught red-handed.

Has there ever been a better poster child for "Do as I say, not as I do"?

Who is this tax-evader -- and how stupid can he be?

Chip Ford

It has come to our attention that the state rep who owns the car in the photo below,
Massachusetts license plate House 29, is:

Rep. Michael J. Rodrigues (D-Westport)
Joint Committee on Public Service, Vice-Chair
House Committee on Ways and Means
Joint Committee on Housing

I wonder if these photos will appear on his website . . .
[Website link updated with his election to the state Senate]

As my family and I were driving back from York Beach my wife asked me to pull off at the NH liquor store on 95 south at the Mass border. When I pulled around to get a parking space you can imagine my surprise to see what I could only assume to be a Mass state rep's car. He also had a Deval Patrick/Tim Murray sticker on his back window-so I assume he's a democrat who voted in favor of the recent sales tax hike.

So the guy comes out with a couple of cases of booze in his carriage and loads them into his car. I asked him if this was "official" business or personal. He was surprised by my questioning and asked what business is it of mine as to what he's doing. I told him I was a Mass citizen. He said it was personal-I pointed out the state car with official plates and he said it was "his".

I didn't ask him WHY he was in NH purchasing alcohol instead of supporting Mass businesses and the 6.25% tax they just levied on us common folk...

He had his wife with him. I left ahead of him and as I was driving down 95 into Mass doing the speed limit, he blew by me doing about 75 in the left lane.

I guess those who pass the laws need not abide by them. You would think that after hours of testimony from Mass businesses saying how the increased tax and the alcohol tax would hurt them by causing people go to NH would have had an effect on these weasels. But, alas, it's proof again that they have no conscience and only serve their own interests and themselves.

So, who was this guy? I didn't even want to make him feel good or important by asking. He asked where I was from and I didn't answer him. I got into my car and drove away.

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