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Citizens Economic Research Foundation

The following memo was sent to each member of the House of Representatives,
and will be hand-delivered to them on Monday.
It was also sent as a news release to newspapers, radio and TV stations across the state.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Quiz for Senators


To:  Members of the Massachusetts Senate
         May 18, 2009
Re:  Quiz

Q.  What do these seven men have in common: Sal Albano, Ted Aleixo, Nick Costello, John Houston, Arthur Lewis, Paul Sheehy, Tom White?

A.  These seven incumbent Democrat state senators were defeated in 1990, after the 1989-90 Dukakis income, sales and gas tax hikes.

1.  Nick Costello lost his primary election to reformer Jim Jajuga.  The other six lost to Republicans in the general election:

2.  Sal Albano to Charley Shannon

3.  Ted Aleixo to Erv Wall

4.  John Houston to Matt Amorello

5.  Arthur Lewis to Chris Lane

6.  Paul Sheehy to Nancy Sullivan

7.  Tom White to Arthur Chase

In 199o, voter anger was partly distracted and diffused by a ballot question cutting the Dukakis taxes.  We dont expect a tax issue on the 2010 ballot.  Wed like to see voters focused on the real problem, the state Legislature, which chooses revenues over meaningful reforms.

The resistance of the Legislature, so far, to stopping pension abuses is a clear indication that most legislators care more about their own benefits than they care about important public services and that they fear the public employee unions more than they fear the voters. If the commonwealth is to be saved, this must change.


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