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The following memo was sent to each member of the House of Representatives,
and will be hand-delivered to them on Monday.
It was also sent as a news release to newspapers, radio and TV stations across the state.

Friday, April 23, 2009

New taxes – Are you feeling lucky, rep?

– MEMO --

To:  Members of the Massachusetts House
         April 23, 2009
Re:  New taxes – Are you feeling lucky, rep?

Citizens for Limited Taxation appreciates sincere opposition to new taxes, and the warning that the sales tax may be increased.  I’d been planning some necessary purchases to help stimulate the economy, as President Obama asked, so I shopped yesterday.

At least I helped a Massachusetts company, and you’ll get your 5 percent.  Other people may not be so parochial. Give engaged voters a game to play:  Eat meals in towns that don’t have the increased sales tax, buy grocery ingredients and make their own sweets, pick up gas, lunch and liquor while they spend the Obama tax cut in New Hampshire.

Tax anything on the internet and bring young, presently unengaged voters into the taxpayer movement.  Infuriate the property taxpayers who are still waiting for relief by expanding the Senior Circuit Breaker to include younger low-income homeowners, thereby hiking property taxes for the middle class.  Increase that outrageous tax on frail, sick, dying elderly patients in nursing homes who pay their own way, are no burden on taxpayers – just as more boomers become aware of the tax as their parents age.

CLT has seen several fiscal crises addressed with tax hikes.  Sometimes legislators get away with them; others, as in 1990, lose their jobs.  We notice that voters this year are antsy about a lot of things.  Open your State House window and stick your head out:  You may hear them yelling "I am Mad as Hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!"  Or you may not; they may be quietly reading a newspaper account of the latest pension scandal, the latest nose-thumbing disrespect for taxpayers.  Voters are more aware and energized today than they were six months ago.

Are they ready to make sure you fear them as much as some of you fear the public employee unions?  We don’t know.  But the unions are losing public support with every news account of "only in Massachusetts" police details, the Quinn bill, teachers unions’ selfish refusal to forego a payraise to save the jobs of other teachers, cheating union members with improper pensions, overtime, sick leave and tolltaker Easter flu.

CLT supports #328, repeal of the nursing home tax, genuine public employee benefit reform, and no re-election for taxhikers.  Massachusetts taxpayers have the right -- after paying the 5th highest per capita tax burden in the nation, being 7th last to celebrate Tax Freedom Day, and giving Tim Bassett a nice family pension -- to not have our taxes increased during this national recession.  And by the way:  If you hike voters’ income tax rate again, they won’t believe you this time when you say it’s only "temporary."  The Legislature has taught them well the value of its promises.

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