Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MORE "Property Tax Relief"?
How many times can Mass. taxpayers be conned
by Deval Patrick?


During his campaign for governor, Deval Patrick got away with a vague promise of property tax relief Ė no details, just a campaign promise, but it worked; many people say they voted for him because of that pledge.

Once elected, he offered "property tax relief" in return for a meals tax.  When that didnít catch on, he switched to "property tax relief" in return for taxpayer sign-off on casino gambling.

Wake up, everyone.  There IS no property tax relief.  Voters got scammed last fall, and are again being scammed now.

The new proposal, as nearly as we can understand its convolutions, is to share some of the casino revenues with certain taxpayers through an income tax break, similar to the existing Circuit Breaker.  If someone pays more than 2.5% of oneís income in property tax, he can get a tax credit on his income tax.

This is not property tax relief.  Itís an income tax cut.  For me it would be $300/year, roughly twice what Iíd be getting if the governor just honored the votersí income tax rollback; or, as liberals like to say, a small "pizza a week."  Or, as municipal officials like to say, thatís less local aid to be shared with cities and towns, which some imply would result in lower property taxes but which would more likely be spent on public employee benefits instead.

Why is it that to some people, any tax cut requires new revenue instead of efficiencies and spending reductions?

As the creators of Proposition 2Ĺ, we know what "property tax relief" means:  An actual property tax cut, up front and personal.  Lower the rate, or give a property tax abatement to us all; then negotiate the next local aid amount while passing a bill containing public employee benefit reforms, the end of city or town paid police details, and other long overdue spending reductions.

Short of that, stop insulting our intelligence about "property tax relief."  Scam us once, shame on you. Scam us twice, shame on us.

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