Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Will Gov. Patrick’s "property tax cut" deception
remain unchallenged?

Now we get it:  The reason Governor Patrick keeps repeating that his plan will cut property taxes – even though it won’t.

He figures enough media will keep repeating this fabrication, as many of its members have been doing for months, so he’ll continue to get points from the public.  When property taxes continue to rise, he will blame the Legislature for not giving him his plan.  (I’m not sure what he’s going to say if the Legislature does give him his plan, when property taxes still continue to rise.  Redefine the words "cut" and "rise"?)

In his budget address, broadcast live on NECN, Governor Deval Patrick said, and I quote:

"I have had enough of meeting seniors and young families alike who are worried that property taxes will squeeze them right out of their homes."  He referred to a couple in Paxton, in their 80s, who had to go back to work to pay their property taxes.  Then he said:

"For immediate and direct relief, our budget this year proposes to extend the senior circuit breaker program to homeowners regardless of age, lowering property taxes for an additional 100,000 households and cutting the average property tax bill by 25%, up to $870.00."

This is deceptively untrue.

The senior circuit breaker is an income tax credit.  It will NOT lower property taxes for the Paxton couple – or for anyone else.  It will NOT cut the average property tax bill, or any property tax bill, by 25% or any other percent.

Property taxes, even if the governor’s plan passes, will continue to increase by 2˝% a year, limited only by Prop 2˝.

It takes an extraordinary degree of confidence to continue to con the media to continue to repeat his ongoing fabrication.  Will the media actually regurgitate unquestioned his specific percentage on a fabricated, non-existent "property tax cut"?

Media, wake up!  You are being snookered and used.  It’s embarrassing to watch.  The governor will continue to fool the public if he can keep getting away with it.

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