January 30, 2007

Governor Patrick, Where Would You Cut?

Every time Citizens for Limited Taxation wants a tax cut, or resists a tax hike, we are asked by our opponents: "Where would you cut"? And we consistently maintain that, as taxpayers who provide the state budget revenues, it is not our job to answer that question before we get to keep some of our own money.

This is not to say we wouldn’t like to have a list. Clearly the best people to know exactly where to cut are the state department heads. So we were delighted when Governor Patrick asked them to come up with recommendations on cutting the state budget within their areas of expertise, and looked forward to seeing the suggestions.

The deadline for submitting the recommendations to the Governor was last week. But when asked by a reporter, the Patrick Administration said it wouldn’t share; not sharing with the media means not sharing with the taxpayers – whose money is under discussion here.

How "can we, together", if, together, we don’t have all the information? So CLT is filing a freedom of information request so that all citizens can be included in the debate on how to deal with the predicted budget deficit.

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