January 22, 2007

CLT pursues Board of Bar Overseers with its complaint
against lawyer-legislators who violated oaths


As we pledged, Citizens for Limited Taxation is following through with its complaint to the Board of Bar Overseers concerning the lawyer-legislators who violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution when they refused to vote on the initiative petition for a constitutional amendment on health care.

Our full complaint, with all attachments; the immediate rejection by the Office of the Bar Counsel; and our appeal to a member of the Board of Bar Overseers as our recourse are available on our website HERE.

The appeal, which we returned today by certified mail, begins:

Office of Bar Counsel
Review Department
99 High Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02110

January 22, 2007

Thank you for responding so very promptly to our concern about the state Constitution. I have received your January 17 letter acknowledging receipt of our complaint packet, and your January 18 letter denying our claim.

I would like someone to spend a little more time considering our concern about legislative lawyers’ violation of their oaths of office and its effect on respect for the Supreme Judicial Court and the state Constitution, so I am requesting an independent review by a member of the Board of Bar Overseers of this decision.

Many citizens must be surprised to learn that "a legislator who happens to be a lawyer is not subject to the rules of professional conduct," and that the governor-elect (at the time he exhorted the Legislature to violate the Constitution) is permitted to break his oath as an attorney to uphold the Constitution, not to mention the similar oath he intended to take when sworn in as our next governor.

Therefore I would appreciate a clarification for those who deplore the unfortunate refusal of the Legislature to vote on an initiative petition for a constitutional amendment.

In seeking this clarification, I hope that the following questions can and will be answered by the review Board member . . .

(continuation of the full letter is available on our website)

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