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September 20, 2006

The Devil is in Deval’s details

Together we can ... find out if there is any hope for the commonwealth at all.

Voters have a clear choice on the issues.

There are some givens that will not change until voters change the Legislature as well as electing a new governor: Massachusetts per capita taxes are among the highest in the country and our economy reflects this.  The Legislature does not respect voters on initiative petitions.

Voters can choose to keep taxes under some control with a governor who has taken the "no new taxes" pledge and who supports Proposition 2½, or they can choose to make a bad situation worse.  Voters can reward Kerry Healey for respecting the voters, or they can reward Deval Patrick for not caring what voters say about issues.

Voters can help children by allowing Kerry Healey to continue to demand accountability in education, or they can vote for Deval Patrick and the teachers unions.

Voters can responsibly address illegal immigration and other crime issues, with Kerry Healey, or they can give hope to criminals.

Voters can keep some balance on Beacon Hill, or they can return us to all Democrats, all the time, as we had in the ‘80s.  Except, back then there were conservative Democrats and more Republicans in the Legislature, occasionally teaming up for the taxpayers, and; there was respect for initiative petitions. All we have right now is a governor who is on the taxpayers’ side.

What is the difference between Deval Patrick and Mike Dukakis?  Deval has charisma.  That’s it.

Soon, we will know if Massachusetts will sink, or survive.

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