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Citizens Economic Research Foundation

July 19, 2006

More eminent domain takings --
and tax hikes all around?

– MEMO –

To:  Members of the General Court
         July 19, 2006
Re:  Economic Stimulus Bill: Governor’s Veto of Section 41

I know everyone is having great fun overriding vetoes and spending our income tax rollback, but can’t you at least not create more quasi-public entities until the commonwealth has finished cleaning up after the quasi-public Turnpike Authority?

I can’t help but notice that the proponents of these entities resemble the groups that pushed the commonwealth into the Big Digaster. Now they want the power to tax and to take property by eminent domain? Do you really want to override the Governor’s veto of a bill allowing private interests to take our homes?

I’d like to know how Prop 2˝ will work with these entities: can they tax outside its limits? I would have asked that question at the public hearing on this issue, but there was no public hearing. How is this?

Isn’t government in Massachusetts big enough? If we are going to make it bigger, with lots of new little government pieces, shouldn’t there be at least a public hearing first? Since there wasn’t, allegedly reassuring statements by proponents about open meeting laws and public input ring hollow.

CLT and its membership thanks Governor Romney for his veto of Section 41 and hopes it will not be overridden. Thank you for your attention.

And while we are here, bravo to those legislators who voted consistently and with regard to their oaths to uphold the state constitution, to allow a vote on both initiative amendment petitions, on health care and gay marriage, in the constitutional convention.

Barbara Anderson –

– 30 –

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