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July 18, 2006

If they’d only listened to Dukakis . . ????
Make him go aWAYYYYY

We are going to do an “institutional memory release” every time we see or hear Dukakis attempting to rewrite history.

This week it happened on “Greater Boston” with John Carroll, who did a pretty good job expressing appropriate amazement, albeit low-key, as the Duke blamed Romney-Healey for the Big Digaster. If they’d only listened to me, he insisted, everything would have been fine. He wanted Weld to keep Salvucci on to oversee the project that he got started.

I remember thinking the same thing at the time, but had to take into account that Salvucci had been lying to everyone about cost and time required in order to get approval; didn’t seem an auspicious beginning for the taxpayers.

Dukakis and Salvucci used the Robert Moses New York playbook (read the Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Power Broker, Robert Moses and the Fall of New York,” by Robert Caro.) Excerpt:

“If ends justified means, and if the important thing in building a project was to get it started, then any means that got it started were justified. Furnishing misleading information about it was justified; so was underestimating its costs......what if you didn’t tell the officials how much the projects would cost? What if you let the legislators know about only a fraction of what you knew would be the projects’ ultimate expense? Once they had authorized that small initial expenditure and you had spent it, they would not be able to avoid giving you the rest when you asked for it... If they refused ... what they had given you would be wasted, and that would make them look bad in the eyes of the public. And if they said you had mislead them, well, they were not supposed to be misled ... that would mean they hadn’t investigated the projects thoroughly, and had therefore been derelict in their own duty...” There are other sections on how to ridicule or buy off opponents.

Yeah, Duke, keep the Moses guy to lead the state into near-bankruptcy. Not that you didn’t do pretty well on your own. Keep doing media appearances and remind everyone why we must not EVER have a Democrat governor again.

As for your accusation that Romney-Healey have ignored the state’s infrastructure: I was in Gardner Auditorium when your public works department came to a Taxation Committee hearing carrying chunks of concrete that they said fell from a bridge. They were looking for a thing called MassBank, funded by new taxes, to repair the crumbling Dukakis infrastructure. The entire Taxation Committee, including House chairman Richard Moore rolled their eyes in unison, then said No. Ask Moore’s then chief of staff, Mike Capuano; bet he remembers too.

I was also around when the Mass. Municipal Association asked the Dukakis administration if the Big Dig would take money from other state projects. They were assured that it would not (see Moses, above).

Barbara Anderson –

– 30 –

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