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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gabrieli Tax Plan

Not a good day to announce or rebut a tax plan, but CLT must respond to Chris Gabrieli’s news release.

Gabrieli said "it is important to honor the voters’ decision to lower the income tax rate, and to return a portion of the money gained as our economy rebounds and revenues grow."  Sweet of him. Let’s go over the history one more time, for Mr. Gabrieli:

The state promises in 1989 that an income tax increase will be "temporary."  A decade of rebounding economy and growing revenues passes, as the state spends itself into another fiscal crisis.  Voters take matters into their own hands and in 2000, order the state to restore the income tax rate to 5 percent by 2003.

In 2006, the rate is still at 5.3% as the economy rebounds and revenues grow.  Chris Gabrieli says it is important to honor the voters’ decision, when the state gets around to it, maybe by 2010 – twenty-one years after the "temporary" increase, ten years after the voter mandate, after it does a lot of other stuff, when the planets align and pigs fly.

Maybe voters should elect Chris Gabrieli, but not let him take office for ten years, when the planets align, and pigs fly.

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