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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Taxpayers hope it's not a 3-way race in '06

Barbara Anderson's CLT Commentary

Things are always quiet during school/legislative winter vacation week, so Chip went to a sailing regatta in Florida; I was invited but preferred to stay home reading Howie Carr’s “The Brothers Bulger” over the weekend. (I bought it for Chip Faulkner for Christmas but I haven’t seen him since it arrived at my bookstore, so I read it while I waited to wrap it. Four-star, strongly recommended!)

I have been paying close attention to the Christy Mihos decision on running for governor as either a Republican or Independent. If there is a Republican primary, CLT as always would be neutral, waiting to support one of them against the Democrat -– both Healy and Mihos (in alphabetical order) are “no new taxes” and pro-Prop 2½ candidates and we need that governor's veto.

I’ve met with both of them and talked with various Republican leaders, seeking reassurance that the pro-taxpayer vote will not be split in November, thereby electing either Tom Reilly (unthinkable) or Deval Patrick (too liberal). Christy Mihos announced on the John DePetro Show (680-WRKO 9-12) that he will announce his decision tomorrow, March 2.

I understand the deadline for his running as an Independent is March 7, so he has to decide before he knows for sure he has a chance at the Republican convention on April 29th. Two young Republicans, Aaron and Matt Margolis, are taking pledges from Republican delegates on their website,  They are not looking necessarily for Mihos supporters, just for convention delegates who will commit to making sure that Mihos gets his 15 percent at the Republican convention and therefore a chance to run in the primary as a Republican.

I predict in my column in tomorrow’s Salem News that he will take his chance with the Republicans, but the truth is I really don’t know. A big decision, which could change our political lives dramatically. Election year in Massachusetts: always interesting.

Barbara Anderson

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