Enjoying the spring, Stephanopoulos woes
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Thursday, May 21, 2015


“The world is young today: Forget the gods are old, Forget the years of gold, When all the months were May.”

— Digby Macworth Dolben

This little poem bounced around in my head the first two weeks of May, trying to dislodge sad, springtime-spoiling thoughts about all the tragedy in today’s world while also trying to ignore the fact that Digby Macworth Dolben died at the age of 19 before getting to experience many gold years.

I’m not often depressed but this year it seemed somehow wrong to enjoy the spring, and all the good things in my lucky happy life, when so much awful is happening here and around the world.

But then, last Friday, I realized why I’d been feeling unusually down when my mood suddenly lifted, at the moment the news came over the radio that the jury had sentenced the Marathon murderer to death. It was seeing that creepy, evil face for weeks during the trial, never seeming to be able to escape it, that placed a local pall over the season.

Like many people, I’d been torn between the death penalty with its many appeals and a quicker sentence to some miserable prison existence without possibility of parole, even though one can never count on the latter. But when I heard the sentence of “death” I knew it was correct. Regardless of what happens next, a jury had made the right decision: “You choose to murder innocents, prepare to die.” Justice lives! I was out running errands, and noticed other people smiling too.

Thanks to that jury, I’ve discovered a renewed confidence in the American people that I’d begun to lose. Maybe they will wake up in time to save America and the free world, after all, despite the terrible problems.

I was already enjoying the previous day’s story about Dukakis-Clinton political operative George Stephanopoulos, who’s been pretending for years to be an ABC journalist. Maybe an awakening citizenry will make his now obvious hackery the beginning of the end of outrageous mainstream media bias before the presidential election.

I’d seen his previous week’s alleged journalistic interview with Peter Schweizer about his new book, “Clinton Cash,” which exposes the Clinton Foundation for Bill and Hillary’s “accumulation of massive personal wealth, cronyism and the lack of transparency,” for the secretary of state and now a possible future president taking contributions from foreign entities. Stephanopoulos attacked the author and defended the Clintons without noting his connections to them.

So on May 14, I posted an exposé by Washington Free Press, by way of Politico, on my Facebook page:

“ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos has given $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation in recent years, charitable contributions that he did not publicly disclose while reporting on the Clintons or their nonprofit organization, the “On Media” blog has learned.”

I added “Oh George, say it ain’t so. More accurately, admit you were a flack for the Democratic Party and Obama campaign when acting as moderator for the debate between Obama and Mitt, when you gratuitously raised the subject of birth control opening up the Democrat campaign theme of the War on Women. Long past time to fire the hack, ABC.”

Well, ABC hasn’t fired the hack yet, but on Sunday I posted this:

“Steffie the Democrat operative was back hosting ABC’s ‘This Week’ this morning, in his role as pretend-journalist. He did his little half-donkey apology for getting caught giving $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, then It was kind of fun to watch him being super-careful not to appear like a Democrat operative; e.g., he did the derailed train story without encouraging his guests to blame Republicans, and let them all — R and D alike — agree that Hillary should start answering media questions.”

Republicans do not seem to be boycotting his show but I’ll bet he expects to be called out if he is partisan again.

Can Hillary’s candidacy survive the Foundation scandal? Once again, the answer depends on voters paying attention.

I’ve heard analysis from various sources, leftish and right, that because we are used to the Clintons being greedy and sleazy, we barely register more of the same behavior from them, while we’d notice and deplore bad behavior in candidates who still retain a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. Interesting.

It seems likely that Massachusetts voters are paying attention to the dispute between Governor Baker, with some support from the House, and Senate leadership including my state senator, Thomas McGee, D-Lynn, about MBTA reforms. This week Republicans led by Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, are urging other Democratic senators to support the governor’s proposed financial control board and some privatization; if they are successful, we can all celebrate the beginning of reform. But if senators put union demands for keeping the status quo ahead of concern for T riders, stranded in the snow, I can at least feel good about working from home.

What else feels good these lovely spring days that I must share with you? Here’s a non-political nice. I heard guests on Barry Armstrong’s WRKO show (10 a.m-noon) talking about spring allergies, and noting an unusual remedy: a few frozen blueberries. I gave a package to Chip and he’s eaten a handful the last few days, reports immediate relief. Barry says they work for him too, mixed with yogurt. Worth a try!

Finally, as we approach Memorial Day, a resolution. Chip just got the spring magazine of “The Association of Mature American Citizens.” Its cover features the outline of a military man, filled with many words including “Honor, Character, Courage, Freedom, Hero,” with the title “Saluting our Veterans.”

I would never join the AARP, which opposed Proposition 2½ and supported ObamaCare, but I think it is time I become a “mature American citizen.” I’ll be joining Amac this week. And my flag will be flying gratefully and more optimistically all weekend.

Barbara Anderson of Marblehead is president of Citizens for Limited Taxation and a Salem News columnist.

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