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Thursday, January 29, 2015


I want a bumper sticker, “I survived the ‘historic blizzard’ of 2015,” though I must ask, how do they define history, using what years? And what does “snowstorm of the century” mean only 15 years into said century?

It seemed reasonable to close the state highways. A governor can either order us to stay off the roads except for emergencies, or announce that if we don’t cooperate no one is going to rescue us when we get stuck, so take your chances.

I did hear some official in New Hampshire say that its citizens are never ordered off the roads, they are simply asked to stay home, with the assumption that they have enough common sense to make the right decision. I do understand that this Granite State assumption might be wrong in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Charlie Baker handled the “historic blizzard” just fine. What was odd was hearing a semi-hysterical Jeff Kuhner, who comes from Montreal, which apparently doesn’t have winter, demanding to know on WRKO early Monday morning, “where are Charlie Baker and Marty Walsh?” Why weren’t they dealing with the monster storm that’s on the way? He also said people in New York City were panicking in the streets. I wanted to witness this so I turned on the television, but just saw a New York reporter in a split screen with a Boston reporter who was trying to gin up some panic for the viewers.

Predictably, on Wednesday Kuhner was attacking the states who “overreacted” by closing the highways. I’m switching to WMEX.

It’s interesting that while weather forecasters’ “computer model” predicted up to three feet of snow in New York City arriving later that same day, causing one panicky mayor to needlessly shut down the subway system for the first time since it was built, climate-change alarmists are telling us exactly what “global warming” will do by 2025.

Last week world leaders and celebrities flew in roughly 1,700 private planes to the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the top article on the agenda states that “decarbonising the global economy in a matter of decades is the number one priority.” Former Vice President Al Gore will be speaking there “to stress the importance of tackling climate change.”

Hey, Al, until you hypocrites plane-pool to these conferences on commercial airlines, don’t lecture me about my carbon footprint and the carbon tax you want me to pay because I drive a Honda CR-V instead of a Prius, which would no longer be visible under the drifts of warm globe in my yard today.



Barbara's Honda CR-V almost free

Maybe we should switch President Obama with a weather media-type for their respective presentations. If the president spoke about the weather the way he spoke about the State of the Union last week, no one would panic: he would assure us that everything is fine, nothing to worry about, he’s in charge, he’ll keep the storm from storming just as he said during his first campaign that he’d keep the warming seas from rising.

This year’s State of the Union address, which included remarks on the state of the world, was very well-presented, very positive and optimistic. I have no idea what union or what planet Obama was talking about, though.

If a weather media-type had addressed Congress, he would have warned it and the American people about the monster threat from radical Islam around the world, from globalization and uncontrolled illegal immigration, new strains of disease combined with shortage of doctors, the historic national debt that may soon make it almost impossible to address these things.

I wonder though: would Obama call for “weather fairness” making sure that all parts of the country, all citizens, suffer from equal amounts of blizzard effects? Though that seems obviously absurd, it’s no worse than the never-ending liberal insistence that there be “fairness” in the other aspects of our lives. Reality check: life isn’t fair. Government can’t make it fair, and anytime it’s tried it’s been a “historic disaster,” eg., communism and socialism, when regular citizens get to be equally miserable, and the powerful political leaders get all the unfair wealth and advantages.

Yet, last week Obama made another pitch for “tax fairness” with what the media is calling, incorrectly, a “Robin Hood tax proposal.” Actually, Robin Hood was one of the rich, who when overtaxed by the wicked government of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, fled to Sherwood Forest to lead also-overtaxed peasants in revolt – the first “historic” taxpayer group! Robin would not be trying to break the commitment on the 529 college savings plans, that if parents saved for college with money they’d paid taxes on, the account wouldn’t be taxed again when the money was withdrawn.

I didn’t open one of those for my twin grandchildren, for the same reason I never used a Roth IRA: I don’t trust the government to keep its word so preferred to take my tax break up front. Fortunately the new Republican Congress put the immediate kibosh on Obama’s “fairness,” supported by some leading Democrats who immediately sensed middle-class constituent backlash. It’s reassuring to know that more of Obama’s lofty socialist goals probably won’t pass during his remaining term.

Not sure what Congress will do with the rest of his “education” plan, the expanded tuition tax credits, which he planned to fund by taxing the rich middle class’s savings. Let me put on my weather-cap to ominously warn again about the historic national debt. Obama bragged about “cutting the deficit” but a new Congressional Budget Office report shows soaring deficits by 2025, leading to $21.6 trillion in what CBO calls “unsustainable” national debt.

The seas may or may not be rising; our grandchildren will, however, definitely be drowning. Let’s panic just enough to insist on turning our country around in 2016.

Barbara Anderson of Marblehead is president of Citizens for Limited Taxation and a Salem News columnist.

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