Defending barbarians, remembering Roosevelt
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The Salem News
Thursday, September 18, 2014


ATLANTA (AP) — Calling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to world security, President Barack Obama on Tuesday broadly expanded the U.S. response by ordering thousands of troops to the region, along with an aggressive effort to train health care workers and build treatment centers.

At the same time, he offered assurances that the chances of an outbreak in the U.S. are “extremely low.”

The stepped-up U.S. response includes sending 3,000 troops to the region, including medics and corpsmen for treatment and training, engineers to help build treatment facilities and logistics specialists to assist in patient transportation. Troops would not provide direct care to Ebola patients, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. A substantial number will be stationed at an intermediate base in Senegal, with others at locations in Liberia, he said.

Isn’t Josh Earnest the perfect name for an Obama White House spokesman? Lookin’ earnest, but just joshin’, folks.

Hey, Josh, how come the president drops the g at the end of his ing words? Did he learn that at Harvard?

Josh, tell us he’s kiddin’ about sending American troops to Africa to fight the Ebola virus. Is that what our warrior men and women signed up to do? Or did they think they were going to fight terrorists... .

Josh, can you earnestly define “extremely low” for us? Did the president mean that the chances of an outbreak in the U.S. are low as long as Americans stay out of Africa or that chances are low (zero?) that some of the 3,000 troops will bring the virus home and begin its spread among our population?

Some liberals insist that African-Americans are entitled to reparations because their ancestors were removed from Africa, so they don’t get a chance to experience the genocides, hacked-off limbs and tropical diseases, including Ebola, that the continent offers. Liberia, founded by U.S. slaves who returned to Africa, has an appalling history. Since the definition of liberal is “I care,” perhaps we could send a volunteer brigade of these liberals to West Africa to fight the epidemic (one-way tickets), so the military could concentrate on defeating ISIS.

Experts say that an air war alone won’t stop “the Caliphate.” I wish we could send the troops who signed up to fight terrorism, but before more of them die, maybe we have to wait until we have a commander-in-chief who can be trusted to wage a defined war, with an understanding of the area’s history and a plan for long-term victory, not an impulse that our country withdraws from before the job is done.

If ISIS is busy dodging bombs and missiles, perhaps it won’t get to West Africa to behead people like the British man who was just trying to provide humanitarian aid in Syria. I notice that American journalists seem to be more critical of our foreign policy now that two of their own have been beheaded. I’ve often wanted to ask Obama-worshipping alleged-journalists, what good is a head without a brain?

Looking for a noun, some people call ISIS members “barbarians.” I resent that. My name comes from the Greek varvara, which just means “foreign” or “stranger.” I have often felt “a stranger in a strange land,” as the phrase was used for the title of libertarian Robert Heinlein’s novel. But as strange as even the normal can be to a libertarian, the land we see now is bizarre when it’s not horrifying.

ISIS isn’t human at all; Chip calls its members cockroaches, but that’s because when he lived in the Florida Keys, they were the most repugnant insects he encountered. Cockroaches, unfortunately, are survivors, often predicted to be among the last creatures on a dying planet someday.

Well, not dying yet; there’s work to be done. Let’s return to American election politics for the rest of the column.

If I hadn’t noticed before, I’d know it’s an election year because I’m getting mailings from Planned Parenthood that say “Back off birth control!” on the envelope. Inside, it asks for money to defeat Republicans, though it doesn’t use that word: We know what it means though. Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit arm of the Democratic Party.

Hey, ladies, whatever. It was Massachusetts Republicans who supported birth control, fighting the Catholic Church whose members then voted them out of legislative power to this present day. By the way, are you watching Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts” on PBS? If you didn’t already know, you learn that it was Republican President Theodore Roosevelt who was the country’s first great environmentalist, responsible for creating the U.S. Forest Service and establishing 51 federal bird reservations, four national game preserves, 150 national forests, five national parks and the American Antiquities Act, which he used to proclaim 18 national monuments. Take that, Democrat Greens.

By the way, it was Republican Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. Republican Richard Nixon who ended the military draft. Republican Ronald Reagan who ended the Cold War with its nuclear threat (and saved Lake Tahoe from developers). No Republican has repealed Roe v. Wade or abolished birth control, and none ever will. But “the war on women” is all the Democrats have, along with ongoing national debt that will burden the planned children throughout their lives.

Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican Party because, among other reasons, he wanted a strong federal government and Republicans support states’ rights. His “Progressive Party” (Bullmoose Party) supported women’s right to vote and labors’ right to organize, along with an early version of Social Security. But in forming a third party, he helped elect Democrat Woodrow Wilson, who gave us the federal income tax, the Federal Reserve Bank and involvement in world war. This year’s foolish third-party candidates could be equally helpful to the Democrats, whose president is sending troops to Africa to fight germs while ISIS spreads like plague.

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