Listening to lies, near and far
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The Salem News
Thursday, September 11, 2014


“Who’s behind Seth Moulton?” the announcer asks. “Moulton took money from a special-interest group that only funds Republicans. NRA-backed Republicans who voted to outlaw abortions, tea partyers who say they’ll end the Medicare guarantee. Seth Moulton’s special-interest friends gave nearly half a million to 67 Republicans but donated to just one politician who wants you to believe he’s a Democrat. Huh, what do they know that Seth Moulton won’t tell us?”

The last time I saw a television ad this ridiculous was in 1964, when the Democrats claimed that Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater wanted to nuke a little girl picking flowers in a field.

Unfortunately, it worked; Lyndon Johnson won the race and went on to send thousands of American men to die in Vietnam.
I’d expected the recent anti-Moulton ad by Tierney supporters to be universally laughed at, until I ran into someone on Election Day who told me he voted for Tierney because Moulton is a Republican right-winger who is waging war on women. Another person told me she voted for Moulton because he’s really a Republican.

So, apparently some voters are susceptible to lies no matter how absurd. A similar lie helped Tierney win in 2012; I still have the fliers attacking Richard Tisei the same way Moulton was attacked in the above ad.

Truth is, Tisei has always been pro-choice, and if he is friends with tea partiers like me, it isn’t because we want to end Medicare, it’s because we want to save it from bankruptcy, support fiscal responsibility, oppose higher taxes and debt.

I don’t know much yet about Seth Moulton, but I’m certain none of that ad applies to him either. It will be interesting to see if, having had lies used against him, he will allow them to be used by his campaign allies against Tisei again.

One bad sign: I heard him say during an interview on WRKO talk radio on election morning that one reason he is running is because “women’s rights are under assault” and he wants to work for equal pay and choice.

This seems to be all that Democrats have: pretending that women’s rights are threatened, presumably by people like me. Guess we’ll be hearing it all through the campaign season again.

I did take a Democratic ballot and voted against Tierney and Martha Coakley. This meant I had to vote for two other, less-offensive liberals, so I went straight from the polling place to Dunkin’ Donuts, where I felt better after having a pumpkin cream doughnut. I expect I’ll be eating a few more of those during what will be close Tisei-Moulton, Baker-Coakley campaigns, both with delusional ego-driven independent candidates to possibly take votes from my favorites.

I’ll be voting for the Republicans, once again hoping for fiscal responsibility, as well as the experience and competence to deal with the hard times that are coming.


Meanwhile, and speaking of lies, we are just learning about another whopper told to us about the Benghazi attack just two years ago. Because of the anniversary of two 9/11s, a new book about Benghazi is being released today: “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi” by Boston University journalism professor Mitchell Zuckoff, with the Annex Security Team.

Some of us got a preview as the new book was introduced on Fox News this week, a television special with Bret Baier. He spoke on camera with three security contractors who were there during the attack; they’ve come forward to tell the true story about the death of four Americans in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

Reminder: We were told by the Obama administration, by Hillary Clinton, that the attack was response to an anti-Muslim video and that there was no chance to rescue the ambassador from the mobs. What viewers learned this week is that rescuers at the CIA annex wanted to rush to the defense of Ambassador Chris Stevens at the nearby consulate but were told to “stand down” by the CIA bureau chief, someone named “Bob,” who was talking to someone in Washington on the phone. By the time the three decided to disobey this order, it was too late to save Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith at the burning consulate.

I thought I had followed the Benghazi story but hadn’t realized that Massachusetts native Glen Doherty wasn’t at the annex in the beginning of the assault, but flew down from Tripoli with other rescuers; two of these heroes, including Doherty, also died that night. The military backup they’d requested never arrived. The Obama administration has insisted it wasn’t possible to send it.

It was good to learn that Chris Stevens wasn’t beaten and dragged through the streets, as some commentators had claimed for dramatic effect; he was found by some Libyans inside the consulate, suffering from smoke inhalation, and rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he did not recover.

The Bret Baier interview will possibly be repeated now that the book is out; watch for this riveting hour. As we begin the final leg of Election 2014, then the 2016 presidential contest, I hope we will see broad-based media coverage of their testimony. Hillary Clinton, who as secretary of state was supposed to have answered that 3 a.m. phone call for help, has a lot of explaining to do.

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