When numbers overwhelm compassion
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The Salem News
Thursday, July 24, 2014


Fair warning. This column will probably offend everyone except those who are exactly like me, and I am on the verge of a melt-down in the face of governmental insanity.

Wait, I can’t see the computer screen. My tears are blinding me. My heart is breaking. The children, we must save the children — billions of them, from all over the world, I can’t bear it, I am so compassionate, I hurt, I weep … wait, is it time for the Red Sox game? Get me a beer, hon, are we out of chips? Where’s a tissue for my tears, I can’t see the television….

Avowed compassion is so cheap, tears are so easy, to prove what a good, sweet, caring person I am. Everybody buying this?

This was where the blubber met the road. I was watching WBZ news at 11 p.m. Friday, and saw Deval Patrick, teary-eyed at his press conference offering to have Massachusetts take in a “few hundred” more illegal immigrants: “It bears remembering they’re children and they’re alone,” he said. “I think we are the kind of country, and the kind of commonwealth, who can step up.”

The closest thing to a plan he had was that they’d go to one federal base somewhere in the state, then after a court hearing within a few months, would either be deported, reunited with family in the U.S., or in some cases, granted asylum.

I immediately translated that to reality, which is, there will be lots more than a few hundred, the immigration courts are already clogged, and after they are here for a few months, it will be impossible to deport them to the third-world countries we are told they are fleeing because they are so dangerous.

Patrick said he made the decision based on his “love for the country” and “lessons of faith.” I waited to hear him say he was taking a few children home with him to his mansion on 77 acres in the Berkshires, but wasn’t too surprised that his love and faith stopped short of personal commitment.

He wasn’t alone on the stage. There was an imam and a rabbi, who should have been busy somewhere else doing something about the Palestinian children being used as human shields by Hamas as it pursues its objective to kill all the Israeli children along with all the Israeli adults. And incredibly, there was Cardinal Sean O’Malley, urging Massachusetts to take in the children of Catholic countries whose inhabitants will then produce MORE children than they can safely care for, since his church teaches that artificial birth-control is a sin.

As I write this, the number of new children to be imported is already up to a thousand, who are going to two federal bases on Cape Cod and in Chicopee. Though some call for “guarantees” from the federal government about funding this operation, the feds can never be trusted to follow through and can’t afford funding anyhow, the country being deeply in debt.

Now, a libertarian myself, let me offend the kind that supports the present policies as a form of open borders, somehow thinking that our beloved freedom requires total freedom of movement around the globe. Let’s put off that discussion until the United States returns to its roots as a free country that doesn’t force its citizens to support a welfare state, which attracts people not only with haven and opportunity, but with free stuff and a life of dependency on taxpayers.

A more rational libertarian friend emailed me her strong opinion, “I am an open border advocate. I would welcome working families and think we ought to be moving in that direction. But what is happening is not what would happen with a sensible (libertarian) immigrant worker policy. It is a politically contrived disaster that is endangering a lot of kids. It makes future consensus on a good immigration policy almost impossible. It gives politicians a humanitarian-sounding reason to collect more of our money. Luring young kids here to become completely dependent on taxpayers is evil in every way.”

I do think we’ll always need an overall cap on the number of people we can comfortably fit into our country, but otherwise agree with her. Enroute to getting others to agree with us, let’s hope everyone avoids verbally attacking the children, or even their parents, some of whom may actually be coming here to escape terrible conditions. The problem is, millions around the world are living in terrible conditions, and they can’t all come here.

This is why one of the leading conservative immigration groups is called Numbers USA, because that is the primary argument: there is no limit to the numbers that would overwhelm us. Calmly repeating this fact is the best way to get support for our side. Try not to claim that illegal immigrants are introducing equine encephalitis to Massachusetts, as WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner did; EE has been here for decades. As long as RKO’s rally on Saturday focuses on logistics and government irresponsibility, opposition to this third-world invasion could be helpful to influence legislators.

I care as much as anyone about the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and yet I know I can’t save them all, so I thank God I was born in America and do whatever I can to preserve it. For those politicians, religious leaders and liberals who want to lecture me through their tears and broken hearts, I make what I admit is a cheap point, but here it is: adopt some third-world kids into your own family, make sure they are vaccinated before you send them to school, and earn your “I care” medal yourself.

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