Your tax dollars at work: Phony IRS refunds for illegals
by Barbara Anderson

The Salem News
Thursday, May 17, 2012

The federal program known as Secure Communities goes into effect in Massachusetts this week.

Gov. Deval Patrick resisted it, apparently believing that Insecure communities are better than Secure Communities, but Sen. Scott Brown fought for its implementation here.

Secure Communities is a federal deportation program that encourages partnership among federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies, and is administered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) within the Department of Homeland Security. Now Massachusetts' law enforcement must participate, hopefully removing the illegal immigrants they arrest from the commonwealth and country.

Since Congress seems incapable of doing anything useful on the immigration issue, Secure Communities was created administratively by the Bush administration in 2008. President Barack Obama, apparently deciding that a somewhat secure country is better than an insecure one, has expanded the program, albeit while watering it down so it covers only the most dangerous illegal criminals.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies was discussing the Massachusetts initiative last Friday at the monthly Center-Right Coalition meeting; it was nice to see someone on "my side" of federal issues celebrating a small victory. However, she warns that "under the administration's policy of 'prosecutorial discretion,' ICE officers are instructed to look for reasons to release even many of the criminal aliens dropped in their lap by local law enforcement."

According to Vaughan, "Earlier this year, ICE officers in Chicago released a man charged with 42 counts of child molestation, including incestuous rape because the man has a U.S. citizen child, one of the key criteria for using prosecutorial discretion. He was being 'monitored' via an electronic bracelet, but has disappeared and likely will never face justice."

Remember the horrible story from last summer about the illegal immigrant from Ecuador, allegedly drunk, who hit, then dragged a 23-year-old Milford man to his death. Gov. Deval Patrick at the time urged us not to blame this on illegal immigration as if this particular tragedy could have happened if the killer hadn't been here.

Same is true of the illegal immigrant who was charged with vehicular homicide this month on Cape Cod.

Less horrible, luckily, was the other local news story about President Obama's uncle, Onyango Obama, whose license was just restored by the Registry of Motor Vehicles after he was arrested for drunken driving last August. The Registry ruled that this illegal immigrant needs a "hardship license" to drive to the two liquor stores he manages. You can't make this stuff up.

I'm not making up the following outrageous item either: Reporting during Tax Month, an Indiana TV station's Eyewitness News team learned that illegal immigrants are using the federal Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) to receive thousands of dollars in tax refunds. The WTHR-TV expos includes an interview with the inspector general of the U.S. Treasury who says he's notified the IRS, which won't stop the fraud.

The IRS blames Congress for "establishing rules that force it to distribute the funds" that are claimed by U.S. resident, low-income illegals: $1,000 per child, not only for their own illegal resident children, but for relatives who live in Mexico. The estimated total in taxpayer-funded handouts is, coincidentally, the same as the amount the IRS could get from rich Americans if Congress would adopt "the Buffett Rule" roughly $4 billion a year.

The tax hike on the rich is promoted by President Obama, professor Elizabeth Warren and our own congressman, John Tierney, to reduce the national debt. But $4.2 billion more has been added to the debt as the IRS loses revenue from tax refunds to illegal immigrants. Wouldn't it be better to just ask rich Americans to sponsor some Third World youngsters directly? They could get a photo and letters from Third World caseworkers, as I did when I sponsored two African children.

Back to WTHR-TV: It featured an interview with an illegal in front of his trailer, from which he claimed 20 children for the $1,000 credit each. [Watch Eyewitness News expos video] He has three children living there. The other 17 are nieces, nephews and other workers' children who live in Mexico and have never been to Indiana.

The illegal immigrant said he is grateful, and one can hardly blame him for taking advantage of a system supported by our Congress. But millions of children live in Third World countries, and most of those countries have a better excuse for being poor than Mexico does. We can't support them all, with money borrowed from our own grandchildren through ongoing deficits.

So much wrong, on so many levels, starting with why ours is the only country in the world that can't seem to have a rational immigration policy that encourages immigration of the workers we need. Instead, we support anyone who can get across our border illegally, then give them U.S. tax refunds to send back across that border.

A bill has been filed by Congressman Dan Burton, R-Ind., to require a legitimate Social Security number, not an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, to get the Additional Child Tax Credit. You might want to ask your congressman if he supports HR 1956.

Also, be grateful that Patrick was forced to allow your community to be secure.

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