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*** Promise Update ***
Friday, April 10, 1998

The Planning Begins!

Greetings activists and supporters:

One month from now the second leg of our petition drive will begin. We must collect 11,000 more certified signatures of registered voters *who did NOT sign our petition* last fall. They must be *new* signers.

To be sure we collect enough, we’ll need to have *no less than* 20,000 - 25,000 signatures when we turn them in to the Secretary of State on July 1st. Anything less, and we can count on yet another challenge by the teachers union!

During the hearing before Justice van Gestel on Wednesday, he made it clear that stalling by the teachers union would not get in the way of the process; that if he had it in his power (and other judges have exercised precisely that power in the past), he would order the Secretary of State to provide us with the petition blanks next month.

Hearing that, I’m now confident we will be out there collecting more signatures, right on schedule. You can take that to the bank!

I know a lot of you feel badly that either you didn’t help last fall, or didn’t put in as much time as you wanted to or should have. With only 81 signatures over what was required, that badly hurt our effort—and the cost of the ongoing legal battle due to the low margin is killing us.

So will you help? Will you give us at least a few hours in May and June? Can we count on you?

Or will we be back in court battling the teachers union in August, September and October?

Now’s the time to join in if you will help us "keep the promise"—if you want to see our proposed tax rollback on the ballot in November.

We have begun planning the next phase of the drive -- *only a month away* -- and need to know now if we can count on you.

If we can depend on you to help, please respond either by writing me < cltg@cltg.org > with your name, address, and a phone number where we can reach you, or by calling Chip Faulkner or Loretta Hayden at (617) 248-0022.

Chip Ford—

"The only alternative to limited taxation and government is unlimited taxation and government."

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